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I'm fortunate enough to live about two and a half miles from work.  This is great in that my gas costs are significantly lower than they would be if I had a longer commute.  I once had a job that was sixty five miles each way.  Needless to say, the gas costs were through the roof, and gas was less than three bucks a gallon.

Still, I've often considered the idea of riding my bike to work once the spring time weather hits in a few weeks.

Since we moved in, riding my bike hasn't been an option I've been comfortable with for the simple fact of the freeway that lies between my house and where I work.  There is an overpass to the freeway that I would have to cross, and the problem was that there was no bike lane or barrier from the road.  While many brave people on bikes did go over the road, I had no such will to ever do such a thing.

Last year, though, they completely re-built the overpass as part of a road widening project.  In doing so, they added a dedicated bike lane that's separated by a fence and concrete barrier from the traffic lanes.

This means that I could now potentially ride my bike to work.

I would definitely consider it, but I'm curious if anybody else out there has ever undertaken a bike ride to work.

I would probably only do so on days when there was a 0% chance of rain and also when it wouldn't be overly hot or cold.  Any days where we had something to do would be out of the question.  Still, this could further reduce my costs of gas and wear and tear on the car, as well as give me some needed exercise.  Since there are bike paths and sidewalks the entire path to and from work, there would be a safe path the entire way.

Would it be best to wear appropriate riding clothes to and from work, changing into my dress pants and polo or button-down shirt when I get there?  In that case, what's the best way to transport those items without having them wrinkled and such?  I already have a backpack type carrying case for my laptop, so that would be pretty easy to manage.

What other things would I have to think of before considering this idea?