Should Married Couples Use Coupons On A Date Night?

A few years back, my wife and I were in a small group through church.  This was an interesting experience.  Our church is very large.  In order to gain a more personal experience, they encourage small group participation.  We haven’t done small groups in a while, but it was fun to look back.  I remember one discussion that took place revolving around dating.  Particularly, the importance of married couples to continue to go on dates.  Of course, this led to some lively discussion about whether it’s OK to use coupons on a date night.

What Is A Date?

One of the things we found interesting is that the definition of ‘a date’ was a bit elusive.  Most people think of a date as part of courtship.  But, once you’re married, the courting period is, well, past.  So, is going out with your spouse considered an actual date?

I believe it is.  Why?  Because I personally think that married people should never stop courting each other!  If we stop trying to impress our spouses, we risk taking them for granted.  That never works out well.

So, in my mind, a date is a date is a date.  In other words, a date isn’t just for single people.  I’m perfectly happy saying that I’m going on a date with my wife.

Even when we got to this point, we discussed what we each defined as a ‘date night’ and that varied across the board.  Most said that it involved ‘going out’.  Still, one of the men said that he’d even define a date night as spending dedicated time with his wife, even if it was at home.  Always new perspectives!

Can Married Couples Use A Coupon On A Date?

Centered around the ‘going out’ aspect came an interesting side conversation.  This centered around and that was whether it can be considered a ‘date night’ if a coupon is used.  Normally, dinner would be the standard usage, but I suppose it could apply to other things as well, like going to a place or signing up for an experience like rock climbing.

This brought about some lively discussion. There became two schools of thought here:

  1. Going on a date and using a coupon
  2. Using a coupon and calling that a date

I had never really thought about it, but I guess that there can be a fine line.

Our Experience

Personally, my wife and I use coupons where ever we can, even if we consider it a ‘date night’.  Neither of us have a problem with that.  And, while everybody agreed that using coupons is good and saving money is even better, I think that it was brought up just to make sure that the thought behind going out and using a coupon was “We’re going out because we have a coupon.”

If that was the case, I can see where some of the ‘romance’ of ‘date night’ might be rubbed away.

We enjoy going out, but we enjoy stretching our dollar.  While we don’t go exclusively to places that have coupons, it’s great if we do.  See, there are places we want to go that don’t take coupons.  Why shut ourselves out from those places?  We do find that we’ll typically make sure the next date involves a coupon.

coupons on a date night
Should you use coupons on a date night?

It’s all about balance.

I thought that this was an interesting discussion, because it highlights just how different married life can be from dating life.  In dating life, the general perception seems to be that there should be no way that a coupon is used on an early date for fear of coming across as cheap.  I can attest to that, back in my single days, I never would have dared pull out a coupon on a first date (unless of course I didn’t like the girl *laugh*).

Does going out on a ‘date night’ have the same magic if a coupon is used, or does the coupon take some of the sparkle away?

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Should Married Couples Use Coupons On A Date Night?”

  1. If your wife is on board with your financial goals (and she should be) then using a coupon shouldn't be an issue. In fact, it should be a demand.

  2. Looks like this must be an oldie-but-goodie post. 😀

    Seriously, though: it’s a strange idea, that somehow taking advantage of a business’s offer of a discount on (fill in the blank: restaurant meal, movie, admission to some attraction) destroys the romance in an assignation. Like: you have to buy her affection? What?

    I must have something missing in my personality, that I think this idea is bizarre. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to do more or have a better experience at a place or event? Since when is overspending a sign of affection? Possibly whipping out a coupon on a first date might be tacky, unless you’d suggested a place specifically because you had a coupon and you said “hey! why don’t we take advantage of this 20% off coupon for dinner and then we can go to [the basketball game, the concert, the zoo, whatEVER]”…

    No…dates aren’t just for single people. In married life, a night out on the town is called “part of the deal.” 😉

  3. This seems like somewhat of a silly discussion… why pay more when you don’t have to? I suppose if you have the means to pay more because you want to keep up appearances, go for it. 🙂

  4. If isn’t the first date and you already know the “another one”, sincerely I don’t see any problem.
    Anyway, some peoples can be offended if you do it in the first date because we have the culture of think that a good experience need to be a expensive one or that you are devaluating your partner using a discount.

  5. Perhaps I am showing my age. My hubby and I have been married over 20 years. We married a little later in life (I was 40). We don’t have any children. In any event one thing we have always done is go out on a Christmas date. It started when we started dating and continues (uninterrupted) to this day. In fact we have next month’s already set-up. Some years it is fancy, other years more down-to-earth (and usually cheaper). We try to find different things to do but we have had some repeats. We’ve gone to plays, concerts, holiday themed attractions, among other things. We keep a memento as well as a list of what we did. It is fun to look back every year at the things we have done. It also adds to the holiday season. It is something I really treasure. As I said before sometimes we go cheap (yes, even use a coupon). The idea is to do something special every year to keep the tradition going.

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