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Simple Mobile Phone Plan ReviewWhen it comes to mobile plans and prices, there are competitive rates that consumers have to consider when making a decision of which carrier to choose. The most advanced cellular services are provided by Simple Mobile. This mobile company offers unlimited data for as low as $25 per month. As a matter of fact, the MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator launched this mobile carrier in 2009.

Simple Mobile focuses on giving clients the best deals. Their cellular phones are not the latest trends, but in contrast, the company does provide newer models. Simple Mobile loves to promote to international travelers who need their cellular devices to work throughout the world. The cellular company allows customers to pre-pay for international service. Because of offering great rates to their customers, their unlimited plans are becoming well-known throughout the technical world.

Although the Internet speeds reduce once a customer surpasses their plan, the company still allows customers to have different options.

Plans Overview

The best past about Simple Mobile is the fact that they offer different speeds of Internet service along with great service plans. These plans range from $26-$60. In detail, each plan offers their service for 30 days. Here is a list of plans that Simple Mobile offers to customers:

  • 3G with Unlimited Talk, Text, and International Text for $25 per month
  • 2G with the luxury of having international credits that can be used in Mexico, Latin America, and the Dominican Republic for $40 per month
  • Truly Unlimited allows customers to have international credits with no trouble with the speed of the Internet. This plan is $50 per month.
  • Truly Unlimited gives you 4G speed-10G speed for the maintenance of your Internet service. This is perfect for those who enjoy having wifi connections, such as hotspot in their plans.

Simple Mobile Phone Plan ReviewFlexibility with Plans

Simple Mobile is controlled by T-Mobile and has their service ran through their network. Simple Mobile is a part of T-Mobile's framework as well as the company named Nokia is. If you choose to switch cell phone service providers, you can keep the same phone number. In like matter, you can keep your old cellular phone if you choose. At the same time, you will be glad that you can continue to use your iPhone or Android device.

Simple Mobile allows those customers who have the month to month plans to change their plans before they pay their next bill. That's a great way to see how much you will talk, text, and be on the Internet. I would try to see how I could use a lesser costing plan before moving up. It may surprise you as to how well you can stay on a budget. I would suggest that you let the customer service know that you want to change your plan whenever you can.

If you decide to tell them early, that's okay too. They will make the necessary changes within your data plan whenever it is time. Realistically, Simple Mobile has plenty of customer service agents that can help you with changing your plan. You can change it on the Internet, but if it is easier for you to talk to someone, you should give them a call.

There is no long-term commitment that you are expected to have when signing up for Simple Mobile This company helps consumers spend less money while gaining better incentives for customers who love technical communication. It's a simple process to undergo when changing your phone service to Simple Mobile. Firstly, Simple Mobile gives you steps to follow to prepare your phone for their service.

Secondly, Simple Mobile needs your phone number and will ask you if you're planning to keep your old phone number or change it. This process takes around 30 minutes. Of course, I learned the importance of saving your Internet data speed for days that you really need it. If not, those days of having dial-up will resurface.

There is 1.5G of data that you can receive for $10. Most of the time, you could suffer from the reoccurrence of throttling. For those who love to surf but never checks their data usage. 2G is not enough for you. I would recommend choosing one of those unlimited plans. It assists customers with the high-speed Internet. I would recommend that you read up on how the app works prior to getting frustrated while you skim through. The customer service number is 1-877-878-7908. It can take a longer period of time to connect with customer service, but in my opinion, it's well worth it. I try not to complain about the wait, but after about two minutes, I get frustrated.

If you like having hotspot, the unlimited plans are best for you. Simple Mobile doesn't include hotspot with all of their plans. Therefore, it is best for you to consult customer service before you make your final choice. I would choose an unlimited plan because of having a variety of features. Plus, you will be able to move through your apps without having disruptions.

In other terms, you can move swiftly from month to month without having cellular phone issues to worry about. Simple Mobile is great for children that getting used to having a phone or older seniors that may need a phone. Simple Mobile doesn't interrupt any phone numbers that are properly saved within your phone. At the same time, they have a Sim card that will store all of your information on it. If you are not used to having a Sim Card, the customer service will help right away. There are plenty of retail stores that sell Simple Mobile. If you want to talk to someone face-to-face, you can call and schedule an appoint through customer service.

Most of the Simple Mobile customers love the fact that they have extra incentives that they can choose from along the way. For example, when you are purchasing your phone, you can put insurance on it in case of you dropping it. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about paying any money for the replacement phone. Additionally, you add apps to your phone that you use every day.

Simple Mobile Nationwide Coverage


Simple Mobile Phone Plan ReviewOther Perks

Uniquely, Simple Mobile offers those customers that are set up for an auto draft or autopay. By giving them a $5 discount, they can save $60 per year. That money will surely come in handy somewhere else in your life. You will notice how well you are saving money whenever you see more in your banking account that you had before. Along with that bonus, you will get a chance to stay current on all the news, social media, sports, and family members or friends that you want to keep in touch with. Drivers will enjoy the fact that you can ask for a speakerphone to be a part of your phone choice. While you are driving, you can still maneuver your vehicle around. This feature helps you to avoid car accidents.

There is also a phone stand that you can get which will hold your phone while you drive. You can purchase that through Simple Mobile as well. The feature is great for those times when you need to ask for directions to a location. It is best to pull over before using that feature.

Simple Mobile also encourages drivers not to text while driving. Once you have pulled over, you can set up the call and place your phone back into the holding device. I would make sure that the phone is turned all the way up. Eventually, I would call customer service if I had any problems with setting up the speakerphone call. Primarily, it is best to be safe while commuting back and forth It doesn't cost an additional fee to call customer service to ask how to correctly use your speakerphone feature. They are willing to help you. As mentioned before, the customer service's phone number for Simple Mobile is 1-877-878-7908.

Simple Mobile has great reception. Basically, if you are in the suburbs, you shouldn't have a problem with your phone service. I would ask if there is service in your neighborhood before purchasing a cellular phone plan. I wouldn't want to be disappointed after paying for my plan and not having a chance to talk on the phone. It can be aggravating, especially when you need to use your cell phone.

In conclusion, you have a choice when it comes to cellular service. If you feel like the month-to-month plan is best for you, Simple Mobile will glad to note that in their system. If you are not ready to fully commit by signing a contract with Simple Mobile, the month-to-month plan would be best for you. This company allows you to have a choice of trying to save your money and using the phone less, or you can get an unlimited plan and talk the entire month.

Your Internet speed will be completely your choice, but if you are looking to save a lot, this may not be the choice for you. I would recommend that you take the time to ask questions. Simple Mobile doesn't mind answering them at all. If you think that you may run out of your Internet data plan, it is best to choose a higher speed. It may cost you more, but you won't have to add any money to your plan. Overall, you will truly enjoy what Simple Mobile has to offer. That's always a plus any day of the week. On the other hand, I would choose a realistic plan for me. That way, I could watch my spending habits.

Another MVNO that also uses the T-Mobile network is Mint Mobile, which is also worth looking into. Cricket plans are known to be affordable. Freedompop reviews are also encouraging. And lastly check out our Xfinity Mobile review as it is also a MVNO.

Simple Mobile Phone Plan ReviewFAQ

Simple Mobile Plan Basics

If you want to purchase a Simple Mobile phone or plan, this section provides you with a list of frequently asked questions. You can use them to inform yourself on the basic process of applying for a Simple Mobile phone plan and other steps involved.

How to change my Simple Mobile plan?

If you want to change your Simple Mobile plan, you must log in to your account. Under ‘My Account’, you simply select the new plan that you prefer. This change will apply on your next billing cycle.

How to cancel Simple Mobile plan?

If you wish to terminate your mobile plan with Simple Mobile, simply contact the customer care. They will provide you with information on what to do to cancel your plan.

Where can I buy Simple Mobile prepaid plans?

You can visit one of the Simple Mobile retail stores. Find a retail location near you so you can get your new phone with your chosen mobile plan, or retain your existing phone and purchase a plan.

How to unlock Simple Mobile phone?

You must first check with Simple Mobile customer service to see if there are any restrictions when unlocking (such as your service period agreement).

Are Simple Mobile phones unlocked?

If you wish to have your Simple Mobile phones unlocked, contact the Customer Care hotline at 877-878-7908. Your phone is compatible with other networks such as AT&T, Verizon, MetroPCS, and T-Mobile, among others.

What phones work with Simple Mobile sim card?

You can use your Simple Mobile sim card with any unlocked GSM phone.

How to change Simple Mobile phone number?

If you wish to change your Simple Mobile phone number, you can do so online or you can contact the Customer Care directly. If you prefer, you can also visit the local dealer shop.

Where can I buy a Simple Mobile phone?

If you want to purchase a Simple Mobile phone, you can go to a local retail location and dealer.

How to activate Simple Mobile phone?

To use the services such as internet and MMS, you must activate your Simple Mobile phone first. You can go to to activate your phone and plan.

Where to buy Simple Mobile phone cards?

Just like your phone, you can go to a local dealer or retail location if you want to purchase phone cards for your Simple Mobile phone.

Does Simple Mobile unlock phones?

Yes. If you wish to unlock your Simple Mobile phone, you must contact Customer Care directly. Make sure you have met the agreement period to be able to unlock your phone.

What cell phone towers does Simple Mobile use?

Simple Mobile does not have its own cell phone towers. Instead, it purchases the right to be able to use towers from T-Mobile.

Does Simple Mobile sell window phones?

No. As of now, most of the phones available from Simple Mobile are Android and iOS (iPhones). If you need to get a new phone then you can sell old phone and use the extra money towards a new one.

Does Simple Mobile have a 24-hour phone number?

The toll-free number for Simple Mobile concerns is 800-876-5753. This is available for 24 hours and toll-free.

When will Simple Mobile ship my phone?

If you purchased your Simple Mobile phone online, expect it to be shipped within 24 to 72 hours.

Does Walmart have Simple Mobile phones?

Yes. Simple Mobile phones are available for purchase from Walmart.

What phone companies work with Simple Mobile?

There are a lot to choose from. Some of the compatible phone companies are T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, and Sprint, to name a few.

Are Simple Mobile phones GSM?

Yes. All Simple Mobile phones are GSM. If you wish to bring your own phone to buy a Simple Mobile plan, the basic requirement is that it should be a GSM phone.

Using Simple Mobile Plan

In this section, you will learn some of the basic questions often asked by individuals who are interested to know more about the mobile phone plans offered by Simple Mobile.

Does Simple Mobile have a family plan?

Unfortunately, no. You may choose from a wide range of plans that would suit your intended use, budget, and your reliance on data and connectivity.

How do Simple Mobile plans work?

When you buy a Simple Mobile plan, you will have access to unlimited data or a fixed amount of data within each cycle. This will vary based on which plan you have selected upon enrollment.

How to buy a Simple Mobile phone without a plan?

You cannot buy a Simple Mobile phone without a plan. It does work the other way around – if you have an existing phone, you can opt to purchase the plan ONLY.

How to change Simple Mobile plan online?

If you wish to update your mobile phone plan from Simple Mobile, go to your online account. Once in the ‘My Account’ section, you can update it with the corresponding plan of your choice.

Is mobile hotspot included in Simple choice plan?

No. Mobile hotspot is not included in a Simple Choice Plan. In addition, these plans are no longer available to phones but are limited to tablets, SyncUP DRIVE, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Where can I reactivate Simple Mobile plan?

You can activate your Simple Mobile plan online. At their website, choose your device and follow the instructions on how to reactivate your plan.

How to check plan on Simple Mobile?

If you want to check your mobile plan data usage on Simple Mobile, simply text Usage to 611611. If you just activated your account, the information on data usage won’t be available until about 48 to 72 hours.

Is Simple Mobile 50 plan good?

The Simple Mobile 50 Plan is inclusive of nationwide texts, calls, MMS, and international texts. There is no hotspot for this plan. If you don’t need mobile hotspot, this is one of the best phone plans to consider.

How to upgrade my Simple Mobile plan?

If you want to upgrade your Simple Mobile plan, you must log into your account and pick the new plan that you want. It will automatically update on your next billing.

Can I use a Simple Mobile phone on T-mobile?

Yes. You can use your Simple Mobile phone on any unlocked GSM phones. It is therefore compatible with other networks, including T-Mobile. Be sure to check out AT&T cell phone plans right now too since they're looking really good.

Other Simple Mobile Plan Specifics

For all other concerns and questions about the Simple Mobile phone plans and services, this section is where you will find the answers to those questions.

Is Simple Mobile 60 plan worth it?

The Simple Mobile 60 Plan offers unlimited nationwide calls, texts, and MMS. You can also use 10GB of mobile hotspot. If you are on a budget, this is a great plan to consider. You may also want to check out our Textnow review to see if that's a better fit for your budget.

How to switch plans with Simple Mobile?

You can go to your account and specify which new plan you wish to enroll your account into. Once updated, your new plan will take effect on the next billing cycle.

Does Simple Mobile have international travel plans?

No. Unfortunately, Simple Mobile plans are limited only to domestic roaming. There are different rates that apply for international calls. There are also international wifi hotspot devices you can get with other companies if you're mainly needing an internet connection while traveling. This would also allow you to do wifi calling from your phone with an app most likely.

Do Simple Mobile plans allow mobile hotspot?

Some (but not all) plans from Simple Mobile do offer mobile hotspot options. Make sure to check if this is specifically included in your plan if you want to use mobile hotspot.

Can I add data to my Simple Mobile plan?

You can add extra data to your Simple Mobile plan at any time you wish. But this extra data will only be utilized if you have reached the maximum data allotment for a specific billing cycle.

How to call Honduras with the Simple Mobile plan?

There are different international call and text rates that apply when you wish to call outside of the United States. You can also opt to buy the $10 Pay-As-You-Go international calling credit to stick to your budget.

Does Simple Mobile plan include taxes?

All the prices listed on the Simple Mobile plans do not include taxes and other fees.

Why sim card number was not recognized by Simple Mobile plan?

Make sure that the gold connectors on your SIM are free from dust. You can also turn it off and then switch back on to see if the sim card is working. If not, you can consult with Simple Mobile technicians about this issue.

How to block a phone number on Simple Mobile?

You can block a phone number on your Simple Mobile phone by tapping the number from your Call history. Choose the option to “Block Contact” or “Block Caller”. Another option is to go straight to “Block Calls” option. Go to Menu > Settings > Call Reject > Reject Calls and then input the number/s that you want to block from your network.

Can I pay my Simple Mobile bill on the phone?

Yes. You can pay your Simple Mobile bill via phone. Contact the customer care at 877-878-7908. You will be asked to provide information from your debit or credit card upon checkout. Currently, Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discover cards are accepted.

How to pay Simple Mobile phone bill online?

You must fill out an online form for your Simple Mobile phone bills payment. Once you have completed the form, you can proceed to payment via Wireless Billing, which is an online bills payment processor.

How to get Simple Mobile phone records?

If you wish to pull out your Simple Mobile phone records, you must contact Customer Care directly. Remember that you have to provide proof of identity as they do not divulge records from one user to another.

How to check Simple Mobile balance on the phone?

If you need to check your balance on your Simple Mobile account, you can text Usage to 611611. You will then receive a text with your current balance.

Does Simple Mobile take Sprint phones?

Yes. Once you have unlocked your Simple Mobile Phone, you can use Sprint as your choice of network.

Where can I pay my Simple Mobile phone bill?

There are many options for paying your Simple Mobile phone bill. You can do so via phone, online, or you can visit a local retail location.

Can I use a straight talk phone on Simple Mobile?

Yes. Make sure to unlock your GSM phone before you can switch to another network to ensure that it will work properly.

Can I use my Simple Mobile phone as a hotspot?

Yes, but it isn’t available on all Simple Mobile phones. You need to make sure that your mobile phone plan includes data for mobile hotspot.

How do I transfer a phone number to Simple Mobile?

If you want to keep your existing phone number into your Simple Mobile plan, you may choose to do so. But you will be asked to provide additional information during application in order to complete the process. It will also depend on the existing provider for your phone number.

Does Simple Mobile have phone insurance?

Currently, there is no insurance available through Simple Mobile.

How to reactivate a Simple Mobile phone?

In order to reactivate your Simple Mobile phone (after it has been deactivated for failure to pay bill within 90 days), you need to purchase a new SIM card. This will reactivate your phone.

Can metro pcs phone be used with Simple Mobile?

Yes. You may use your unlocked GSM phone with Metro PCS, among other network companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

How do you view statements from Simple Mobile phone?

You can simply login to your online account at Simple Mobile to check all details about your account. You can view your phone statements and easily manage your plans from your online account.

How to use Simple Mobile for Wifi calling?

If you have an internet connection and a Wifi calling app this shouldn't be too difficult. If you lack the internet connection then take a look at the best home internet service providers we reviewed.