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Your credit score is one of the most important numbers you have.  So, keeping it as high is possible is a goal for many.

Your Credit Score Is Made Of Many Things

You may have excellent credit now or wondering how to improve your score. There are many things you’ve heard of, such as bankruptcies ruining your credit or not paying your mortgage on time. However, there are other small and shocking things that can ruin your credit score.

Closing Your Retail and Gas Credit Cards

So you may think that if you close your retail and gas credit cards you’re doing yourself a favor. If they are closed, you can’t run the bill back up, right? Actually, this is a bad idea. You see, the information on your credit remains there for seven years – good and bad. Closing one reduces the length of your credit history; something lenders want to see longevity of. So keep these cards open, so it stays as a plus for you.

Not Using Your Credit Cards

Similar to closing your credit cards out, not using your credit cards could damage your credit. A credit card company could consider you as an inactive user. Then, they can close your account for you. The number of active accounts lowers on your report, and your credit utilization rate could increase since you now will have less credit available.

Credit cards are like installment loans when it comes to credit score.  They report monthly to all the major credit bureaus.  Tip; if you have poor credit you find smaller installment loans for bad credit.  These loans if paid on time can help increase your credit score over time.

Not Paying Parking Tickets

It’s not enough that you’ll end up with a boot on your car from not paying parking tickets. So if you think just by not driving your vehicle, you’re safe, one way or another, you’ll get hit hard to pay those fines. Your city could send those unpaid parking tickets over to a collection agency. And in doing so, it’s possible you could incur additional fees, garnishment, and dings against your credit report.

Not Paying Library Fines

Using a library to save money is a great idea.  But, if you get stuck with fines, those savings can disappear.  Many libraries have similar rules. If you are over $50 or more in library fines, you’ll more than likely hear from a collection agency. This is a negative hit on your credit report. Moreover, this is one balance that can’t be negotiated.

Letting Your Storage Hit Auction

Do you have items in storage and decided you just do not want to be bothered with them any longer? While storage companies can auction off your items, this doesn't mean they are willing to wipe the slate clean for you. So if you let your items get auctioned off, not only will all your items be gone, but you’ll have this collection record on your report for seven years. Your best bet – close out and sell the items off to not deal with this in the first place.

Not Finalizing Your Move-Out Utility Payments

If you're moving, it’s wise to pay attention to any utility payments you may have. Not all utilities are transferable, especially if you move to a new city that has a different provider. Missing these payments not only counts as late payments to be turned over, but you may find that in connecting the next utility, you’ll have a security deposit fee.

The above six issues seem small, but letting just a few add up could have grave consequences against your credit report.