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One of my pet peeves is people who complain constantly about how busy they are, especially when they do so in a way that involves them taking time out of what they're doing to log in somewhere and take the time to complain about being busy.  I figure if you are so busy that you are complaining about it, you should probably avoid taking the time to complain, because it's just preventing you from getting what you need done.

So, I'm taking a slightly different spin.  I'm reporting on how busy I am, but with a positive angle.  Everything that I'm busy with is actually working toward something positive, so in all honesty, there are no complaints!

Here's a list of the good things that have been keeping me busy:

  • Work project #1 – The place where I work made a big acquisition a few years back.  Bringing their IT into the fold of our IT was something I wanted to get involved with as early as 2009.  However, the decision was made to let the IT support stay with the old company for a few years.  Finally, they decided to make the transition, and it's a year-long program that I lobbied hard to be a part of.  I got assigned as the project manager to move their shared files from the old company's network to our network.  With about 2,000 users, there was quite a big file.  The transition took place over the last three weeks, and while there were some bumps, it was a great success!
  • Work project #2 – Along with the file transition, I was also assigned as the project manager to move all the computers and laptops to our company's support.  Every desktop will either be replaced or re-installed with Windows 7 (they had XP), as well as all of our applications. There are over 2,100 desktops, so this will be a big project. We just had our first three desktops migrate over last week as part of our ‘early adopters' program.  While three desktops doesn't seem like a lot, it's noteworthy because so much of the planning is up front, so the fact that they went in and users love the new setup was great.  This week, we begin the process of moving the rest, a process that will take approximately 7 months!
  • New roof – We had the new roof wrapped up late last month. It was a fantastic experience (or at least as fantastic as can be given how messy of a job it is).  It took three days, and the weather was no help (rain delayed the start by several day), but it looks fantastic.
  • Camper is de-winterized and ready to go – We had our camper stored at my in-laws, and we pulled it out, got everything de-wintereized and tested.  I washed and waxed it, and my wife washed all the bedding, dishes, and the entire inside.  Our first trip on the schedule in next month, but we will probably see if we can get a weekend trip in sometime this month, and it's good to know it's ready to go!
  • Stripping and painting the desk – I last power washed and painted the deck in 2009.  I did give it a quick coat in 2011, but it was time to give it some attention.  I spent an afternoon power washing, then had to wait a week as it rained a couple of times, but I've been busy getting it painted.  It will be so nice to have it clean, fresh, and also be able to put our table, grill, and the kids toys out there!
  • T-Ball – Little Boy Beagle is in a t-ball league, and I volunteered to be a coach.  It's only an hour a week, but man, running around with 10 three and four year olds wears you out!  It's fun and I hope that it establishes some good bonding between him and I, as well as sets a good foundation for him to participate in group sports.
  • Garage – With spring comes the old practice of tearing apart everything out of the garage.  Since we haven't been able to put the patio furniture out yet, the furniture is spread around, but I still wanted to get the mower out, so I could change the oil, as well as the edger (which also needed a new blade this year!), so it's been a whirlwind in the garage.  Not to mention that all this works around the kids growing stash of outdoor toys.

All of this has made me fall asleep on the couch more than a few times over the past few weeks.  It's been exhausting, but when I look at the list, it all relates to positive things.  All the outdoor activity means that summer is coming.  The roof project means that we have done a major home improvement project that looks fantastic.  The work projects have been busy but they've been considered very successful.

So, while I'm busy, I have no complaints!

Readers, has your spring kicked into overdrive yet?