So Far So Good With The Upcoming Addition To The Family

I haven’t given any updates on Mrs. Beagle and of course Baby Beagle, so I thought I’d give a quick update!

Things are looking great! All of the doctor visits have gone well. We’ve had a couple of ultrasounds to date and things have looked normal for everything. Mrs. Beagle is gaining the right amount of weight and getting the right size, according to the staff at the office.

The question everybody asks is ‘do we know what we’re having’.

The answer: Yes. A baby. Just one (confirmed that from the ultrasounds!)

But outside of that, no, we have elected not to be told the gender of the baby beforehand. My wife and I actually both agree on this, though it makes others crazy!

The way I look at it is this: These days there are very few surprises. Television and the Internet have made it so you can know just about anything at any time. For the most part, that’s great, but it often takes away the surprise of something that you didn’t see coming. Well, we both want that ’surprise’ and so we won’t know until the baby is born!