So Much For That Idea!

Last Wednesday, I posted all about how I wasn’t going to get a new laptop at work because it would make me see how old all of my other computers are.

So much for that idea.

That afternoon, one of the desktop guys was walking around, stopped by my desk and said ‘Oh, your new PC is ready.’

At first I thought they were reading Money Beagle and were somehow messing with me, but it turns out that they’re replacing all of the computers in the IT department that were of the same model I had.

So far, the new computer sucks!  It’s slower, heavier, and has less capabilities.


I wish.

The computer is awesome.  As I knew it would be!

4 thoughts on “So Much For That Idea!”

  1. I actually like getting a new work computer. It's an opportunity to organize/purge your electronic clutter.

    ALthough I understand your logic, you were a masochist for wanting to keep that old beast of yours.

  2. Does it make you wonder why you waited? I thought it was old people who held on to those familiar habits and things! Change is difficult or is it rewarding? I guess it can be both.

  3. Awe, looks like they ruined your plan… maybe you can just upgrade your old one at home without having to replace the whole thing.

  4. @First Gen – I did copy all my files onto a thumb drive. I'm going to copy them over to the computer only as I need them so in the long run it will help.

    @krantcents – I wasn't resisting the change. I hated the laptop itself. I just didn't want to set a new standard on how fast a computer should be.

    @South Country – About 3 years ago, I did upgrade the home computer to the max memory and disk size it could handle, but I like the way you think!

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