So You Broke Your New Years Resolutions?

It was only a month ago, but I’m sure for many, both the New Year and the resolutions that came with them are distant memories.

How many diets have been busted?  How many workout programs have been abandoned?  How many smokers are smoking again?

If you’ve already broken those promises, here’s what you do:

Take a look around.  Know that anybody you see has likely broken their resolutions as well.

Then, start them over.

People have gotten into this mindset that we can only improve ourselves but once a year.  The New Year brings a new you and when the shine wears off the list of things we want to do to better ourselves, so many of us shrug our shoulders and figure they’ll try again next year.

Why wait?

The fact is, there’s no good reason not to start again.  Why not try again to hop on the treadmill or throw away the smokes?  Are you really going to give yourself another eleven months of bad habits?  That extra eleven months is not going to make it any easier to change next year.

It’ll just make it harder.

So, forget about the fact that you’ve blown your New Years Resolution.

It’s a new month, so I ask each of you to kick off your New Month Resolution.  Today.

And, the good news about that is, that if you fail, it’s the shortest month of a year so in a few weeks you can start all over again 🙂

17 thoughts on “So You Broke Your New Years Resolutions?”

  1. I never made any so I have none to break!

    Ha! Well, I don’t make any new year’s resolutions precisely so I don’t have to break them. it’s hard enough for me to complete things on my to-do list without having these “resolutions” hanging over my head. I prefer to set goals that are obtainable and functional. Such as completing a set number of workouts per month, or writing a post per day, or getting a certain amount of blog traffic per month. These goals keep me much more motivated!

  2. This was actually the first year that I’ve entered February having not already given up on a resolution. Usually I don’t even bother making them, but this year I decided I’d commit to reading more, and I’ve been keeping on track with that.

  3. Very true, when I was a smoker I tried quitting but always put it off as “I’ll quit on new years day” as if I could not physically do it until then.

  4. Weight Watchers does a good job of teaching this. You’re going to fall off the wagon. Know that it’s going to happen ahead of time and just be prepared to get back on.

    • Plus they want you to come back with their program, so that works as a good teaching tool for their bottom line 🙂

  5. What a timely post. Things I haven’t done far outweigh the kept resolutions, to be sure. But there’s nothing to stopping you from getting up, dusting ourselves off and giving things another go.

  6. I just wrote about my progress on my resolutions and I’m only on track with 6 out of 10! Definitely need to step it up in February.

    • That’s still six that you’re on track with, so most importantly keep those up before trying to go back and do the other four.

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