Sometimes All It Takes Is One

We’re in the midst of another great baseball season.  What makes it great? Well, because it’s baseball season!  Here’s a lesson that you can take from baseball and apply to your personal finances.

One of the things you’ll often see in a long season is a team going through a slump.  Losses pile up.  Hitters stop hitting.  Pitchers don’t make it very far.  Nothing can seem to go right.

At some point, the slump ends often with dramatic fanfare.  You’ll sometimes see a team that had gone 1-9 in it’s last ten rattle off four or five wins in a row.

If you look at the rationale behind that, you can many times trace it back to one guy.

One guy will break out of a slump.  Last month, our Detroit Tigers (or ‘Pussycats’ as my grandfather used to call them when they weren’t playing very well) were having a horrid run of it.  They were getting two or three hits a game, pitchers weren’t sharp, and the losses were piling up.  Then, Victor Martinez, a top-shelf hitter, came off the disabled list.  He started hitting….and hitting…and hitting some more.

Soon, others in the lineup starting hitting.  The hits started flowing.  The pitchers started pitching better, and of course, the wins started flowing in again.  All was good, and the success could be traced back to one guy.

You can apply that same lesson to personal finances.  Often, everything about your finances seems to be stuck in a slump.  Your investment returns might be suffering.  Your cash outflows are too high, and unexpected expenses keep mounting.  In a nutshell, nothing seems to be going right.

Often, you’ll find that success in one area serves as a catalyst for overall personal financial achievement.  It works for baseball, and it can work with your finances too.

So, if things aren’t going great, don’t try to correct everything.  Try focusing on one thing.  Work to bring in more income.  Work to get one debt paid off.  Work to bolster that retirement account.

Chances are if you are able to get one win, more wins will start to come your way.

Just like in baseball!

Go Tigers!

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  1. I'd have to say that I know exactly what you mean here beagle – things have been slumping for me financially recently, and I know trying to tackle everything at once was too much – so I'm focusing on food spending right now.

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