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Spring is upon us.  With that comes projects.  There are a few spring projects that I have committed to.

Deck Painting

Last fall, we had some work done on our deck to take care of some problems.  We had the handrails reinforced.  We also had the stairs practically rebuilt.  The posts that go into the ground were very loose and a lot of the boards were starting to rot.   The new boards need to be painted to match the rest of the deck.  My normal cycle is a full re-paint every four years. This entails power washing off the old paint and starting over. In the interim, I'll apply a coat every two years.  It's been two years since I did the last full job,.  This means that it's time togive the entire deck another coat as well.  This will make sure that the colors match, and should hopefully keep us going for another couple of years.

Sandbox Leveling

Last year, I relocated the kids sandbox to a different part of the back yard.  The original location was very close to the back edge of a wooded area.  It ended up being very buggy and damp, so we moved it to a more open part of the yard last year.  Ever since then, themb-2015-04-sandbox sand inside would get wet after a rainfall, even though the design is such that water is not supposed to enter.

There are areas to keep air circulating, and I've surmised that water is entering through those because I don't have the sandbox sitting level.  It shouldn't be much to level the sandbox.  I've already removed all of the old sand, so I plan on re-grading the area and making sure it's on level ground, at which point I'll do some more water testing.  If all goes well, I'll add some new sand and hopefully it will stay nice and dry this year!

Garage Cleanout

It's time to re-organize the garage and this time I plan on getting serious about selling or giving away a number of items that we never use.  My wife replaced her old bike a couple of years ago, and it's been hanging from the ceiling ever since.  The old bike still functions (she wanted something more suited for trail riding and such) so it's silly to just hang there.  I plan on taking it down and maybe even just setting it out on garbage night, when I know people drive around looking for salvageable things.

We also have some kids scooters and such that they've grown out of that we'll figure out if anybody needs, and we have two strollers (a double stroller and an umbrella stroller) that are perfectly functional but that we no longer have use for. The strollers can fetch some money to recoup part of their original cost.  I also have to get our bikes down, and swap out the winter tools for the summer yard tools.

Kitchen Painting

Our kitchen color is a pretty bright red color.  It definitely added some pizazz when we moved in, and it looks nice in contrast to our white cabinets and counters, but as we've had it for eight years, my wife and I both agree it's time for a change.  I will be repainting the kitchen, which will involve repainting the ceilings, priming the walls, and applying a new, more muted color that will still keep the kitchen looking nice.  The biggest challenge on this one is that I can't totally shut down the kitchen during the life of the project, so there will be work not only in the repainting tasks themselves, but also in making sure that the room remains functional.

Camper Readiness And Repair

Our camper is close to being ready to come out for the winter.  It will need to be dewinterized, washed, and waxed, plus I also am looking into getting new tires this year.  I also found that the seals around one of the storage compartment doors started failing.  We had a small amount of water make its way in over the last few weeks.  I put a temporary fix on that, but I'll need to permanently replace the seals.  I'll also have to re-glue some linoleum that was loosened.  Still, it could have been a lot worse!

Those are our major projects for the year.  Readers, what do you have on tap for the next couple of months?