Spring To Do List: How’d I Do?

A couple of months ago I presented a list of things I wanted to get done over the spring.  I did a one month update, but now that we’re past Memorial Day and into the summer season, I am going to look back and see how I did:

Success(all of these were done and complete in full!)

  • Basement Cleaning and Reorganization
  • Repair and re-paint damaged bathroom wall
  • Unclog master sink drain
  • Clean window blinds – Not hard at all, just took a lot of time and patience which I spread out over a few weeks!
  • Clean inside windows – Now that I’ve discovered to use newspaper to clean these, the results are remarkable!
  • Assemble swing set
  • Clean deck – It just gets dirty again but I have cleaned it!
  • Clean garage – Ditto!
  • Hang antique clock
  • Mulch planting beds
  • Get trees trimmed
  • Get furnace and A/C checkup

Partial Success(these were done but still need some wrapping up

  • Replace backup sump pump battery – I exchanged the worn out marine battery for a new one, but it’s still sitting next to the sump well waiting to be hooked up.  It’s a five minute project, but the previous owners built a half wall around the sump well, so climbing in and out and getting a bit dusty are the (lame) excuses as to why this isn’t 100% complete.
  • Repair and re-paint bathroom ceiling- There’s still one area that needs the finish coat of paint.  The painting itself will take three minutes, but hauling everything up and down from the basement, and getting everything cleaned up will probably take much longer, so I just need to find the motivation to finish this up.

Failures (I didn’t get to these at all!)

  • Re-paint shutters – We have four shutters.  I think these are actually fine so I’m probably canceling this one
  • Re-paint front door – The front door, on the other hand, is the same color as the shutters and desperately needs to be re-painted as it has faded considerably due to the fact that it’s behind a storm door and gets sun all afternoon.
  • Clean dryer line

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t get 100% of the projects completed though that would have been nice.  All in all, I think it was a very busy and successful spring.  The remaining work will stay on my list to complete in the summer, and I’m sure I’ll have a list of ‘summer’ projects that I’ll come up with soon.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Spring To Do List: How’d I Do?”

  1. Sounds like you got a lot done. Pretty successful in my mind! I made year long goals which I'm working.

  2. Great job! Reminds me that I need to revisit our to-do list and update it. Oh, and actually DO some of the things on it.

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