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For many people facing consumer debt, it’s not the end of the world. With a few years of hard work and some lifestyle changes, they can climb their way back to zero. While they aren’t getting ahead, they can at least stay above water and not drown. But for some people, their debt situation is so bad that they need outside help. For that, I recommend SpringCoin.

Before you consider talking to a bankruptcy attorney, at least talk to a debt counselor. Of course the attorney will tell you to file bankruptcy. That's his job.  Bankruptcy laws aren't what they used to be.

SpringCoin does so much for their clients that it’s hard to sum them up in one sentence. Luckily they did it for me, and according to their helpful website, SpringCoin is the “first automated debt relief coach with human expertise.”

If I were to sum up in one sentence why you should use SpringCoin, it is because they will be a trusted partner. The people who run SpringCoin have strong reputations of honesty and public service, and being able to trust someone when it comes to your money is the most important consideration.

More About SpringCoin

SpringCoinAccording to their site:

“[SpringCoin, formerly known as debtEye] delivers the most personalized plans to get consumers out of debt faster and more cost-effectively than traditional credit counselors, debt relief and budgeting solutions. Unlike existing solutions, SpringCoin integrates rewards-driven, financial education and provides complete transparency so consumers can take full control over their finances.”

SpringCoin, like its name, sprang from failure. Its founders used to work for a private company doing credit counseling and debt negotiation, but grew frustrated with the high fees that came along with a general lack of service. Unable to be silent any longer, SpringCoin founders joined with their clients to fight against their former employer, and from that effort came debtEye (now SpringCoin).

SpringCoin is a one-stop dashboard for getting out of debt. Through their unique online interface and their partnerships with some of the most trusted names in debt settlement and renegotiation, you can know that you will receive help and guidance you can trust.

More specifically, they offer:

  • The Right Plan for Each Individual – SpringCoin’s smart software determines the best plan for each individual by analyzing thousands of consumer debt cases and repayment programs. The software’s algorithms adapt on what has or has not worked well for a customer, delivering the most effective budgets and recommendations.
  • Negotiation Power – SpringCoin software empower consumers to directly negotiate lower payments and/or rate terms with creditors, automatically manage monthly payments, and track progress in real-time.
  • Integrated Financial Education – Improving financial literacy is at the core of SpringCoin – not on the periphery as optional articles. Education content is delivered through weekly quizzes, challenges, and budgeting recommendations. It is also tailored for the financial habits and goals of each individual customer.
  • Transparency – Unlike other solutions, SpringCoin customers always know exactly how much money is paid to their creditors and to SpringCoin over any period of time. More transparency helps consumers better track their progress and get out of debt faster.
  • Real-time Feedback – SpringCoin software tracks spending behavior and sends timely alerts and recommendations to help customers achieve their goals and get better results.
  • Rewards – By completing weekly quizzes and challenges, SpringCoin customers also earn rewards at various point-levels and are automatically entered to win weekly raffle prizes (e.g., gift cards).
  • Safe and Secure – SpringCoin uses the same 128-bit encryption technology that banks use to ensure customer data is completely safe and secure.

Source: SpringCoin press release, 2/8/12

SpringCoin Platform

SpringCoin dashboard

SpringCoin Dashboard


SpringCoin Track Bills

Track Your Bills


As a personal finance nerd, I would have loved using these tools to track my credit card and revolving loan debt. Thankfully it's all gone now.


Get Three Free Months Now!

I am excited for the opportunity to partner with SpringCoin to offer Married (with Debt) readers three free months of SpringCoin service. This could be over a $100 value if you opt for the Premium Plan, or less if you go with the basic, which is the same cost as Netflix at around $8/month… SpringCoin assured me that they never steer people towards a plan that isn’t right for them, and in fact, SpringCoin’s premium package is still cheaper than most other debt relief services.



Take a Tour

SpringCoin offers so much that I couldn’t cover it all here. So head over to their simple and easy to navigate website and take a tour. I think the site itself will show you the type of service and technology you can expect when you sign up.

In conclusion, if you are in a tough spot with your debt and are considering bankruptcy or credit counseling, talk to SpringCoin first. They are the type of company that puts people before profits and are built on the model of helping.

Do good work and the rest will follow.


*[I am an affiliate of SpringCoin, but please keep in mind that I actually agreed to promote this product before it was offered through an affiliate agreement, and I would still promote it even if they weren’t an affiliate. That’s how much I believe in these people and their product]