Stay In Your Car After A Crash

My heart is breaking today.  All I can do now is two things.  First, pray, and second, give some advice.  If you get into a car accident, please, stay in your car.

Bad Work Start To 2018

Today was my first day back to work.  I was walking to my desk thinking of how I could make things great this year.

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The whole conversation came to a halt when a co-worker asked if I’d read my e-mail.

I had not.

She filled me in that a colleague had been in a serious auto accident on Christmas Day, and has been in critical condition since.  He’s not regained conciousness.  He has brain injuries and internal injuries.  He had to have a leg amputated.  His heart stopped twice in the hours after the accident.

Things don’t look promising.  Everyone is praying for a recovery.  Even if one comes, things will be different forever.

Staying Put

The most troubling thing is that the severity of the accident could have been different.  The accident sounded unavoidable.  The car in front spun out and my colleague tried but couldn’t avoid hitting them.  During the accident, the rear door of the minivan opened and things spilled out.  My colleague got out to retrieve the items.  Unfortunately while doing so, another car spun out and he was struck, pinned between the cars.

It’s instinct to get out of the car after an accident.  But, unless you absolutely have to, you shouldn’t.  Stay in the car.  Call 911.  Make sure everybody is OK.

But, please, unless you have no choice, stay in the car.  Wait for the area to be cleared and made safe.

Don’t let an accident turn into a tragedy.  Unfortunately, I can’t go back and give this advice to my colleague who is now fighting for his life.

All we can do now is pray.

3 thoughts on “Stay In Your Car After A Crash”

  1. Oh no, I am so sorry for your colleague, that’s absolutely awful. I’m sending all good thoughts that he’s able to recover and maybe even miraculously be relatively ok after all this.

    You’re right, it is instinct to get out of the car after an accident, especially here, but that’s not taking into consideration the fact that other cars may end up in the same situation as you. Thank you for sharing, sad as this is, we could all use the reminder.

    • Thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately things haven’t gotten much better. He’s made improvements in some areas but taken steps back in others. Continuing to hope for a positive turn.

  2. Experts say that ; “stay inside of the vehicle after a accident. Because people usually who get out of theirs cars are killed or injured if compare with the people who stay inside.

    I had an accident three months ago, the driver, who hit my car with his SUV, tried to get out of my car. I refused and stayed in my car. I called 911. Till they arrived us, i did not lose my safety belt. It was horrible.

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