Staying Motivated During The Personal Finance Blahs

I’ve found that I can track my enthusiasm on personal finance, blogging, and money to how well things are going.

In other words, when things are going good (the market going up, net worth going up, money coming in faster than it’s going out), then personal finance is great and I’m more than excited to blog about it.  But, when the market stalls, when home prices continue to fall, when net worth drops, it just seems….


I have to find ways to stay motivated when things are moving sideways or when there are dips.

Some of the ways I plan on doing so:

  • Stay focused on the bigger picture – Most of the drops have been temporary.  In the end, every day brings us more out of debt.  This is something worth holding onto.
  • Continue to build a network – This is something I need to work on more, to the point where I am making it my number one goal after I get caught up on some housekeeping issues.  I’ve seen some great ‘networks’ of bloggers out there, and I’d like to develop this further for myself.
  • Try something new – I kind of think that when blogging about things gets a little blah, maybe it’s time for a small change.  I need to work on a new design for the site, or maybe I could write about personal finance topics that I typically don’t touch, such as investing.  A change could spark something that turns into a nice momentum builder.

What other strategies do you suggest to keep the blahs at bay?

3 thoughts on “Staying Motivated During The Personal Finance Blahs”

  1. Well, my blog covers PF, but is not PF exclusive. When I get blah, I just write about anything I want. That keeps me going. There is nothing written in stone saying the Beagle only has to be about money!

  2. I have to occupy my mind or I end up doing useles activities like playing on twitter or a video game! Why not try to work on another site?

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