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There's no getting around it.

Being disorganized will cost you money.  At least it cost me money.

One of the areas that had gotten a little out of control since we moved in was the area where I stored our paint and paint supplies.  I had a shelving unit in the basement that was designated for such purpose, but even after we moved in and re-painted most of the house, the ‘stuff' never seemed to go back on in any organized fashion.

Combine that with the fact that when we moved in 2007, the painting stuff was not organized all that well to begin with. Add to that painting most of the house before the move, painting a couple of rooms in 2008 that didn't get done, painting the door and shutters in 2008 at a different time, painting the deck and the nursery (at different times) in 2009, and trying to repair and re-paint some walls in the bathroom this year, and it got out of hand.

The area of floor space that I was using in addition to the shelf space was probably two and a half times that of the actual shelf space.

Not good.

So, recently I set about re-organizing the paint area.  I also decided to move it to a different spot in the basement as the spot it was in was in a spot that we are looking to potentially finish one day, so I figured it I could kill two birds with one stone.

I set about first going through the paint.  I went through can by can and labeled the room for which the paint was used.  I also weeded out a few cans that had paint that had dried out, so I was able to cut down a little space by saving just the lids which had the paint formula attached.

Next, I went through and separated out anything that wasn't paint related.  As I mentioned before, I didn't do such a great job when we had moved in 2007 of organizing things.  As such, there were all kinds of odds and ends that had nothing to do with painting.  Brackets, repair kits, old caulk (most of which was no longer any good anyways), tools, etc. I separated anything non-paint related and put that where it belong.

Looking good!

Then, the discouraging part hit.  I went through the actual paint supplies and found a ton of stuff, a lot of which I didn't know I had.  As a result, I had purchased items that I probably didn't need to!

I found a couple of rolls of blue tape in one box.  I found two paint rollers in a three pack.  I found sandpaper galore.  A putty knife here, a package of paint tray liners there and I realized that I had just purchased most of these items when I had been working on the bathroom earlier in the year.

While I had sort of gone through looking for them, I couldn't find them so I figured I had used up all the paint rollers, blue tape, and the like or that things had gone missing, so I bought them.  Of course I opened everything, so now I have partial packages of sandpaper, mutiple half used rolls of blue tape, open packs of paint liners.

Had I been more organized in the first place, I would have saved a lot of money avoiding unnecessary purchases.  I also would have saved space since I now have a bunch of materials that I have to store until they're needed.

At the end of it, though, I was able to re-organize everything where it's easy to identify what I have, easy to find it, easy to access it, and everything now fits back on the shelving unit where it belongs!

Still, the lesson of the day is that staying organized can save you money, and being disorganized, well, it will cost you!