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Back in May 2013, I started a challenge to only buy “new” clothes from second hand shops like Goodwill for a full year.  I did pretty well and am still all about the thrift shop!

New Clothes Over the Last Year

I said in the challenge to myself that I would allow myself to buy brand new undergarments.  I stuck to this pretty well.  Here are the only new clothes that I have bought since May 2013:

  • A package of new underwear – $6
  • Swim suit (not technically an undergarment, but it touched my womanly bits directly and ended up being an amazing Amazon deal that looks fantabulous) – $33
  • Cat suit that I used to dress up for Comicpalooza as the Black Widow and Cat Woman (again, touched my lady parts, so I made an exception) – $28
  • Flexees (like Spanx) to make the Black Widow and Cat Woman look sleek instead of belly-licious. – $15

All Other Clothes – Donations and Thrift Shop

I will admit, I didn't go clothes shopping much anyway.  Here were all of the other clothes that entered my possession since May 2013:

  • My friend, Isabelle, cleaned out her closet and I inherited a bunch of awesome new-to-me shirts.
  • Isabelle also donated the boots I wore as the Black Widow and Cat Woman as well as a nice pair of wedge heels to my small, but growing, shoe collection.  I think she felt sorry for my lonely other shoes…
  • Here were all of my Goodwill and resale shop purchases over 4 total visits (most of these were made this past week, which reminded me to write this post, LOL):  1 pair of boots ($10), 1 pair of heels ($7), two new shirts ($13), 1 pair of jeans ($9), 1 pair of slacks ($8 – and they are also knows as my “booty slacks”), and 3 sweater/pullovers ($14 – one given away accidentally at Fincon14).
  • Total = $61

That means that I have spent a grand total of $143 on clothing and related items from May 2013-September 2014.  I aim to spend $100 or less per year, so I have stayed on track.  I don't see shopping again at all until 2015.  All of that said, I've decided to make this a permanent life change!  No reason to buy new when I can get the same or better used at 50%-90% off.

How are you doing with clothes?  Is it where your budget sails or sinks?