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Straight Talk

Why Straight Talk?

  • This mobile virtual network operator provides prepaid cell phone services on big networks for a fraction of the price.
  • There are multiple plans to choose from – from $30 a month to $60 a month.
  • There are also international plans on select international destinations.
  • Exclusively available through Walmart.

Try Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan ReviewConsumers always want to find the best bang for their buck. This not only includes products but services as well, including their cell phone service. There are more options than ever, but knowing which one is the best and most affordable can be a challenge.

Prepaid cell phone service has grown steadily popular over recent years. It can also stand up well against the big four wireless carriers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Straight Talk, which is exclusively offered by Walmart, is one of those and is well worth investigating. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), it allows users to get their prepaid cell phone service on all of the big four networks and costs a mere fraction of the price offered by those companies. It’s also a good option if the user already has their own compatible unlocked smartphone as all they need to do to use Straight Talk Wireless is to purchase one of its SIM cards.

Customers can make the most educated decision on whether Straight Talk Wireless is the best option for the value by reading comprehensive reviews of the cell phone service.

Straight Talk Cell Phone Plans

Every Straight Talk Wireless cell phone plan includes unlimited texting and the majority of plans also include unlimited talk minutes. In general, Straight Talk's prepaid cell phone plans expire after 30 days, but customers can opt to pay for plans that last three months, six months or even a full year.

Plans that are purchased in bulk tend to save customers the most money, and throughout each month, they can see savings maxed out at $45. In addition, customers have the privilege of also earning bonus data or more discounts when they tweak the settings on their accounts to automatically refill their plan options.

The breakdown of prices for cell phone services with Straight Talk Wireless include the following:

  • $30 per month for 1,500 talk minutes and 100 MB of data
  • $35 per month for 2 GB of data
  • $45 per month for 10 GB of data
  • $60 per month for 10 GB of data and international calling
  • $55 per month for an unlimited plan

Straight Talk Wireless’ international plan includes calls to certain locations, such as Canada, Mexico, China and India. However, customers who choose this plan are only allowed to make and receive calls from a total of 15 international numbers during the 30 days in their plan cycles.

On average, customers pay $45 per month for their Straight Talk cell phone plans. Previously, when a user went over their 2.5 GB allotment of LTE data each month, their device was throttled down to 2G speeds. Those days are now in the past as the service has increased this to 5 GB of data as the monthly limit before throttling occurs.

Straight Talk also offers the cheapest plan overall for the money. For example, T-Mobile customers pay $25 extra per month for 5 GB of data with their plans. Users who require more data can save $180 or more each year on their cell phone bill compared to if they got their service with one of the big four carriers.

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan Review

Mobile Hotspot Plans

Straight Talk is not all about mobile plans. You can also avail of their hotspot plans accessible through their mobile wifi hotspot device which you can buy now for its discounted price of $9.99. And with just a little extra per month, you’ll already have the perfect hotspot plan for you.

Their no lock-in plan starts at $15 a month for 1 GB data, but the price per gigabyte goes lower for pricier plans.

Check all their available plans below:


  • $15 for 30-day service plan
  • Can cover 4 hours of standard video streaming, 33 hours of music screaming, or 67 hours of web browsing

Perfect for occasional, light surfing, their 1 GB Data plan comes in handy when you’re out of mobile data or when you have to connect a few devices to a hotspot plan.


  • $25 for 30-day service plan
  • Can cover 16 hours of standard video streaming, 66 hours of music screaming, or 134 hours of web browsing

Their 2 GB Data plan does more than serve as back up to your existing mobile plan – it is a reliable source of strong internet connectivity that comes slightly cheaper than the first option.


  • $40 for 60-day service plan
  • Can cover 32 hours of standard video streaming, 133 hours of music screaming, or 268 hours of web browsing

A service plan truly made for sharing, it can accommodate a few people on the plan without dying on you.


  • $50 for 60-day service plan
  • Can cover 40 hours of standard video streaming, 166 hours of music screaming, or 335 hours of web browsing

Get each gigabyte of data for just $10 with an added bonus of longer expiry! A great choice for random heavy usage, this service plan is a bang-for-buck deal.

The Straight Talk Network

Straight Talk doesn’t own its own network, which is why it offers cell phone service from the big four carriers. The specific network a user gets their wireless service from depends on a few different factors. Generally, this includes their home location and the smartphone they buy or bring to the network.

Users can buy their device online through Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart. When doing so, they are prompted to enter their zip code, which, in turns, informs the company where smartphone will most be used. Then, the user is directed to phones that run on the networks in their area. Users who live in a city in which multiple carriers have strong coverage can essentially decide the network they will use based on the smartphone they choose as some are GSM while others are CDMA.

For many customers, it might be easier to buy a smartphone in a Walmart store. This makes it easier to choose the network they want to use while a sales representative presents them with a compatible device. Of course, another attractive option is for the user to simply bring their own smartphone to the network and buy a SIM card to use Straight Talk’s service.

Straight Talk Customer Service

Straight Talk Wireless is owned by TracFone, which has never been known for having good customer service. In spite of this flaw, many users enjoy Straight Talk’s cell phone service and are loyal to it for many years. The cheap prices and reliable service are just too attractive to pass up, even if the customer service is poor.

On top of that, users are never tied down to a contract and can simply go elsewhere for their service at any time since the plans are month to month.

To contact Straight Talk Wireless’ customer service, users must call 877-430-2355. There is a menu of options to choose from, which include pressing 1 for English and then 5, 5 and 2. This enables the user to get a customer service representative, but the typical wait time is 30 minutes. Customer service reps can be reached Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 11:45 pm Eastern Time.

It’s also possible to get in touch with Straight Talk’s customer service through social media. Users can leave a question or complaint on Facebook or Twitter. However, if that proves ineffective, there is also an email address customers can use to address their concerns. [email protected] may be better for getting a response. Customers should include their phone number and the serial number of their smartphone in their email message.

Straight Talk Wireless Device Options

There are a number of great smartphone options with Straight Talk Wireless for users who want to buy instead of bringing their own device. The company offers some of the latest and greatest, including Apple’s new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in 64 GB. Those who prefer Android can snag flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+.

Then, for more budget-minded customers, there are cheaper options such as the Moto G6 or the iPhone SE. Users who prefer a flip phone instead of a smartphone can also get what they want as Straight Talk offers the Alcatel MyFlip as well.

In general, the cell phone selection with Straight Talk is reasonable, but customers can get plenty more options from the big four carriers. To get the latest and greatest devices, the company runs on the installment payment plans for which the big four carriers are known as flagships come with the normal price tags.

However, another option is, of course, bringing a current unlocked and/or compatible device to the network. This is often a preferable option because it allows the customer to save money in the long run.

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plan Review

Straight Talk’s Service

Although Straight Talk Wireless offers service with the big four carriers, service is not necessarily the same as if the customer was actually using one of those networks. For instance, Straight Talk limits its download speeds to around 7 Mbps on average.

However, there is also the issue of customers complaining about lack of data and the inability to browse the web. Dropped calls can also be an issue and occur at around the same rate as customers of the best phone carrier.

Straight Talk Wireless Special Features

The big four wireless carriers regularly offer special features and bonuses. However, Straight Talk offers these things sparingly. In addition to the international calling package, another thing that’s worthwhile is its Remote Alert security system.

Customers who opt for this special feature pay $50 for the equipment and $10 per month for the security monitoring. Remote Alert notifies the individual when the device’s sensor detects motion in their home while they are out.

Additionally, Straight Talk Wireless offers the CallDetector app for users with Android smartphones. The app detects potential scam phone calls and is free for the first seven days. Afterward, users must pay $15 per year for the service, which is certainly not a bad deal.

At the end of the day, Straight Talk Wireless is a good option for users who want cheap cell phone service that doesn’t tie them down to a contract. It is also good for those who prefer to simply bring their own smartphone over to use. Customers also have the option of Wi-Fi connections in case their data might be out or if they worry about going over their monthly allotment and end up getting throttled. Straight Talk's customer service also leaves much to be desired, but in general, if a cheap price is the person’s biggest priority, Straight Talk is not a bad choice for cell phone service.

Other MVNOs in the market include Ting Mobile and Tracfone. Also look into new Boost Mobile deals.


General Straight Talk Wireless Questions

This section covers the general questions you might have about Straight Talk Wireless. Use this section to help you understand the more complex questions in the later sections.

What Is a Straight Talk Phone Plan?

A Straight Talk Wireless phone plan is a pre-paid plan that gives you cell service and data for your phone or tablet. There’s no contract and phone.

What Is Verizon Straight Talk Plan?

There isn’t a Verizon Straight Talk plan. Straight Talk Wireless is its own cell service provider. You can get a Straight Talk Wireless plan at Walmart or you can sign up for service online.

What Is Walmart Straight Talk Plan?

The Walmart Straight Talk Wireless plan is a no-contract plan for cell service and data. It works with cell phones and tablets. You can pick your device and your plan.

Is Straight Talk Data Plan Really Unlimited?

Sort of. Straight Talk Wireless reserves the right to terminate your data service if you use more than 60 GB of date in a 30-day period. However, that’s a ton of data, and few people will reach that cap. So in this way its the best unlimited data plan they offer.

How Much are Straight Talk Plans?

There are four options for Straight Talk Wireless plans. They have a $35 plan, a $45 plan, a $55 plan, and a $60 plan. Each plan comes with more and more data at 4G LTE speeds. You also get unlimited data at 2G speeds.

How do Straight Talk Plans Work?

Yes, tens of thousands of people use Straight Talk plans for their cell phone service and data needs. Lots of people also use Straight Talk Wireless to get data service for their tablets.

Is Straight Talk the Best Cell Phone Plan?

It is for many people. Straight Talk Wireless offers pre-paid plans with no contract. That means you can move to a different provider if Straight Talk Wireless doesn’t meet your needs. Although some people prefer the Freedompop plans.

Who Sells Straight Talk Plans?

The best place to get a Straight Talk Wireless plan is from Walmart. You can also sign up for their plans online, at Macy’s stores,, and HauteLook.

Straight Talk Wireless Plans

You’ve got several options when it comes to Straight Talk Wireless plans. This section covers all of the questions you have about the different Straight Talk plans, so you can find the one that’s right for you.

Does Straight Talk Have a Family Plan?

Straight Talk Wireless doesn’t offer a family plan at this time. You’d need to pay the full plan price for each line you need for a member of your family if you want the whole family on Straight Talk Wireless. Take a look at the Sprint family plan and see if that's a good fit for you.

What Phones Work with Straight Talk $30 Plan?

There’s a huge list of phones that work with the Straight Talk $30 plan, far too many to list here. However, you can check the compatibility of different phones with Straight Talk Wireless by clicking here. Take a look at more cheap phone plans we recently reviewed too.

What Is the Straight Talk Unlimited Plan?

The Straight Talk Wireless unlimited plan costs $55 and offers unlimited 4G LTE data. It also has unlimited nationwide talk and text. The plan will be active for 30 service days.

How Much Is the Unlimited Data Plan for Straight Talk?

Straight Talk Wireless has an unlimited plan for $55 at 4G LTE speeds. Its other plans also allow for unlimited data plans at 2G speeds for $35 and $45.

Does Walmart Straight Talk Have Family Plans?

No, there are no family plans for Straight Talk Wireless at this time. You’ll need to purchase a separate line and plan for each person to use Straight Talk Wireless.

What Happened to Straight Talk $35 Plan?

Nothing happened to the Straight Talk Wireless $35 plan. It’s still available on their website and at their affiliated retailers. It has 2GB of data at 4G LTE speeds and unlimited data at 2G speeds.

What Plans Does Straight Talk Have?

Straight Talk Wireless has 4 plans on offer. There’s a $35 plan, a $45 plan, a $55 plan, and a $60 plan. Each plan has more and more 4G LTE data, and the $60 plan offers unlimited international calls and texts.

Does Straight Talk Have Data Plans for Tablets?

Yes, you can use your tablet with a Straight Talk Wireless data service plans. The Straight Talk Wireless Unlimited Plans and Straight Talk Wireless All You Need plans don’t work with tablets.

How Does the Straight Talk International Plan Work?

The Straight Talk Wireless international plan costs $60 for 30 service days. It comes with 10GB of data at 4G LTE speeds and unlimited data at 2G spends. You also get unlimited nationwide calls and texts and unlimited mobile to mobile to Mexico, China, Canada, and India phone numbers.

Does Straight Talk have a Yearly Plan?

No, all of the plans that Straight Talk Wireless offers are 30-day service plans. You can purchase one year’s worth of 30-day service plans at a time if you want though.

Does Straight Talk $45 Plan Include Taxes?

No, the price of a Straight Talk Wireless plan doesn’t include taxes. That means the actual purchase will cost slightly more than $45, depending on the taxes in your jurisdiction.

Why Does Straight Talks Plans say 0?

That depends on where you see the 0 for your Straight Talk Wireless plan. It may be referring to how much 4G LTE data you have left, or it could be talking about how many service days you have left on your phone.

Does the 30 Dollar Straight Talk Plan Use BYOP?

Yes. The 30-day Straight Talk Wireless plan uses BYOP/D. That means you’ll need to have a compatible phone in order to use the plan.

How to Upgrade My Straight Talk Plan?

Its easy to upgrade your Straight Talk plan. Just go to and click “Activate or reactive my phone with a number transferred rom another Straight Talk phone”. Click continue and sign in to complete the process.

Does My Unlimited Straight Talk Plan Include Tethering?

There are very limited circumstances where you can use tethering with a Straight Talk Wireless plan. Most of the plans do not include tethering.

How to Get Free Straight Talk Plan?

The best way to get a free Straight Talk Wireless plan is by using their service. You can build up reward points which you can put towards a free plan.

Can the 35-dollar Straight Talk Plan Work with Smartphones?

Yes, the $35 Straight Talk Wireless plan works with smartphones. You’ll want to check compatibility to make sure your particular smart phone will work with Straight Talk Wireless.

Which Straight Talk plan allows for streaming movies?

Refer to the plans above to pick the best one for the amount of streaming you will need. So you'll need to have an idea of how many GBs you would use. If you don't already have a Netflix or Hulu membership then we can help you pick one via our review of each. If you're trying to connect your phone to Wifi but need an internet plan take a look at internet service providers we recently reviewed.

Straight Talk Wireless Phones

Straight Talk Wireless has lots of different phone options. We’ll answer all of your questions about Straight Talk Wireless phones in this section of the FAQ

How to Transfer Straight Talk Plan to New Phone?

You can transfer your Straight Talk Wireless plan to a new phone as long as the phone is compatible with Straight Talk Wireless. All you need to do is take the SIM card out of your old phone and put it in your new phone. We reviewd places that sell cell phone accessories and phones if that interests you.

Can You Use a Sprint Phone on Straight Talk Plan?

Usually. Straight Talk Wireless works on an MVNO network, and Sprint uses a CDMA network. Therefore, it depends on the type of phone you have. You’ll need to check your phone compatibility with Straight Talk Wireless.

Can I Buy a Straight Talk Phone Without Plan?

Yes, Straight Talk Wireless will sell you a phone without requiring you to purchase a plan. However, Straight Talk Wireless phones can only work on the Straight Talk Wireless network, so you can’t buy a phone and then use it with another carrier.

What Is the Cheapest Straight Talk Plan?

The cheapest Straight Talk Wireless plan is $35. It comes with 2GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited 2G data. It also has unlimited nation-wide calls and texts.

Can You Use a Straight Talk Phone on AT&T Plan?

It depends on whether or not the particular phone you’re talking about is locked to the Straight Talk Wireless network. You’ll need to contact AT&T for more information.

Can I Have Multiple Phones on a Straight Talk Plan?

No, Straight Talk Wireless plans work based on the SIM card in your phone. Therefore, only one phone at a time can work with a Straight Talk Wireless plan.

Can I Have 2 Phones on My Straight Talk Plan?

No, you can only have one phone per Straight Talk Wireless plan. This is because Straight Talk Wireless plans are associated with the SIM card in your specific phone.

Straight Talk Wireless Accounts

People have a few different questions when it comes to managing their Straight Talk Wireless accounts. We’ve included answers to the most common account questions people have in this section.

How to Change Your Straight Talk Service Plan?

You can change your Straight Talk Wireless service plan by going online. Choose the option to Activate or Reactivate My Phone with a Number Transferred from another Straight Talk Number. Follow the steps to change your plan.

Can You Add Data to Your Straight Talk Plan?

Yes, you can add data to a Straight Talk plan by buying data add-ons. You can buy 1GB of high-speed data for $5 and 2GB of high-speed data for $10.

How Does the Straight Talk Payment Plan Work?

The Straight Talk payment plan lets you get an awesome new phone and pay over time. You’ll pay the cost of the phone plus financing charges over the course of 24 months.

What Phones Work with Straight Talk Plan?

There are lots of phones that work with Straight Talk Wireless. You can check the compatibility of a specific phone by clicking the link here.

Can You Use TracPhone with a Straight Talk Plan?

Sometimes. It depends on the specific phone. Straight Talk Wireless has a great tool to check phone compatibility that we recommend using to see if your specific phone is compatible with Straight Talk Wireless.

How to Check Plan End Date for Straight Talk?

You can check your Straight Talk end date by calling customer care at 1-877-430-2355. Pick Balance and/or Service End Date and say “yes”. Straight Talk will send you a text with your end date in it.

What Is My Service Plan PIN Straight Talk?

You’ll need to call customer support to get more information about your specific PIN. The number for Straight Talk customer support is 1-877-430-2355.

Can You Downgrade Your Straight Talk Phone Plan?

Yes. You can downgrade your Straight Talk phone plan by going online and selecting “Activate or Reactivate My Phone with a Number Transferred from another Straight Talk Number.” Follow the steps and then select your new plan.

Will Straight Talk Remove My Phone Number from Old Plan?

You can choose to keep the number from your old plan or to get a new number when you get a plan with Straight Talk Wireless.

How to Cancel Your Straight Talk Plan?

You can cancel your Straight Talk plan by calling customer service at 1-877-430-2355 and telling the customer service agent you want to disable your phone service.

How Does Walmart's Payment Plan on Straight Talk Phones Work?

The payment plan for Straight Talk phones at Walmart is really easy. You can pick the phone you want and make monthly payments to pay it off. You’ll pay for the phone over the course of 24 months, along with finance charges.

How to Activate Service Plan PIN Straight Talk?

You can activate your service plan PIN by going online to You can also activate your phone by calling customer service from another phone at 1-877-430-2355.

Other Straight Talk Wireless Questions

This section contains all of the answers to questions that don’t fit neatly into our other categories. If you’ve got a question about Straight Talk Wireless and can’t find the answer elsewhere, then this is a good place to check.

Does Straight Talk Have an Internet Plan?

You can get internet service from Straight Talk Wireless with their data service plan and a mobile hotspot. However, Straight Talk Wireless doesn’t offer hardline internet plans to your house.

Do Bushnell Cameras Work with a Straight Talk Plan?

That’s unclear. You’ll need to call Straight Talk customer service at 1-877-430-2355. Their Unlimited Plan and All You Need plans certainly won’t work with a Bushnell Camera, but their Data Service plan might.

Does Straight Talk Plan Start When Bought or Activated?

Your Straight Talk plan will start when you activate your device. That means you can purchase multiple cards for Straight Talk Wireless at once and activate a new one each month.

Does My Straight Talk Replacement Plan have a Stolen Option?

No, the Straight Talk Wireless replacement plan doesn’t have a stolen option. That’s why Straight Talk recommends that you always download and activate a phone tracking app in case you lose your phone or if it is stolen from you.

How do I Get Associate Discount on Straight Talk Plan?

You’ll need to talk to your employer to find out how your discount plan works with Straight Talk. This information isn’t publicly available.

Does Straight Talk Plans Include Taxes?

The price of a Straight Talk plan does not include taxes. Therefore, if you buy a $45 Straight Talk plan, the actual cost will be $45 plus tax.