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We're supposed to go to the doctor at least once a year for a check-up and to the dentist twice a year to get those teeth checked out.  These visits will help catch problems early and make sure that our bodies are running as they should be.

The same concept holds true for some of the items which many people have. In fact, it's time for some of the items around our house to receive a ‘check-up'.  Here are a few things I have on the list:

  • My wife's car – I had a bunch of issues pop up last year, ranging from tires to tie rods, so my car spent quite a bit of time getting looked over by the pros.  My wife's car has run very well, but it's still old enough (nearly 7 years) and has enough miles (65,000), that I'd like to have a pro look it over and make sure everything looks good.  This is especially true since we use her vehicle to tow our camper.  As it turned out, the problem we had with my car regarding the tie rods was not even the problem I took it in for, but it would have presented a huge safety risk had I not gotten it taken care of.  I'd like to make sure we don't run the risk of something bad happening or a costly repair that might be avoided with a preventative check.
  • Lawn mower – I take the mower to the repair shop every couple of years to get it mb-201403mowerlooked at.  During the in-between years, I will change the oil, but it's nice to have the experts look at it, make sure everything is running right, sharpen or replace the blades, and just ensure that it will be in good working order.
  • Our heating and cooling system – We had a scare last year where a twig almost burned out our air conditioning compressor, which has had me thinking about getting our heating and cooling system checked out.  This became a ‘must do' when, last week, our furnace had some sort of an event.  I woke up on a very cold morning and could instantly tell that the house was cooler than it should be.  Sure enough, the furnace wasn't working.  We have a little LED indicator that blinks in certain patterns that you can match up with a list on a sticker attached to the furnace.  Ours was blinking something to do with a pressure valve that either failed or was stuck open.  It did say that high winds, causing a downdraft, could be the culprit.  We did have some above average winds the night before, and resetting the power to the furnace did seem to clear it up, and it's run fine since, but nonetheless I'd like to get it looked at to make sure all is clean and in order.

The biggest key we have for all of these is a trusted source.  I have a mechanic that I've taken our car to when it's had problems, and I'll take it there for the checkup.  There's a local repair shop that we have used for our mower for years, and our heating and cooling checkup will be done by a company that I've had before, which was recommended by my parents as they installed a new heating and cooling system.  I'm comfortable with all three services to believe that they'll shoot straight, and I won't feel like anything they tell me is a hoax or an exaggeration.

What are some of the things around your neck of the woods that are scheduled for their ‘check-up'?