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I saw a few bloggers mention that they earn some money taking surveys through Opinion Outpost, so I thought I would give them a try.

I have been a member of the Pinecone Research Study group for awhile.  They’re pretty cool, though the survey opportunities seem pretty limited.  I think with Pinecone, I average about one paid survey a month, maybe a little higher.  At $3 a pop, it’s nice, but it doesn’t add up to much.  It’s pretty much covered the renewal costs for my blog.

Opinion Outpost was easy to sign up for.  You need to fill out a bunch of informational surveys, the results of which you use to provide information on your demographics, interests, and habits.  This is used to filter out surveys which may not apply.

There seem to be quite a few surveys.  The process is fairly straightforward.  I receive an e-mail anytime there’s a potential opportunity for a survey.  I can either click on the link in the e-mail or logon to the site, and it will list all active surveys that I haven’t responded to yet.  This is useful in the event that you need to do some catching up.

When you get a survey, you are not guaranteed to be a fit for it.  Typically, clicking into the survey will bring up a page where it asks you some basic questions.  Usually within a couple of minutes, it will notify you if you’re not a fit for the survey or if you can take the actual survey.  The ‘approval’ percentage probably varies, but I’d say that so far, I’ve qualified for about 25% of the surveys that I get e-mails about.  That may not sound like a lot, but you will probably find that it’s a pretty good number since I’ve been averaging at least 5-8 surveys per week.

Once the survey starts, they’re pretty straightforward.  The only knock that some might have is that once you qualify for a survey, you typically get directed to a third-party research study website.  This is in contrast to Pinecone, where all of the surveys are operated and run from their own site.  Opinion Outpost ensures that the sites are safe.  So far I haven’t had any problems, and quite honestly, it’s nice to see a different look and feel of a survey.

The surveys take differing amounts of time to complete.  Once you’re done, you are awarded ‘Opinion Points’ that correspond with the complexity of the survey.  The basic formula is that each Opinion Point is worth ten cents.  Of the surveys, I’ve completed, they’ve all fallen in the 20 to 50 Opinion Point range, meaning that the surveys have been worth between $2 – $5.

You can cash in your Opinion Points once you’ve accumulated at least fifty (or the equivalent of $5).  At that point, they will issue a check.  Right now I’ve got 113 Opinion Points.  I like that they give you a choice of when to cash out.  You can choose whether to get little chunks of money or save it up for a bigger reward.  Pinecone issues you payment at the completion of every survey.

Another difference is the payment method.  Pinecone offers to send checks via snail mail, but will also pay you via PayPal.  Since they pay automatically after each survey, the PayPal option is a no-brainer as having to deal with a $3 check each time they send you one is a hassle.  PayPal lets you accumulate your money or transfer it back to your bank account, saving you a trip to the bank.  Opinion Outpost only allows for a snail mail check.  It’d be nice if they hopped on the PayPal bandwagon at some point.  It’s for that reason that I have let my balance accumulate, as I’d rather make a trip to the bank less often with a bigger check than increase my trips to the bank.

All in all, I love Opinion Outpost so far.  You’re not going to get rich from it, but you can make a few bucks here and there, and get exposed to some pretty interesting product concepts at the time.  If you’ve got a few spare minutes here and there, Opinion Outpost is definitely worth a look see.

Click here to sign up (disclosure: if you use this link, I will get 20 Opinion Points once you complete your first survey, for which I would be extremely grateful!) and see for yourself if you like it.  I think you’ll be pleased.  I know I am!

Note: This post was not solicited nor did I receive any compensation for it.

3 thoughts on “Surveying Things With Opinion Outpost”

  1. hmmm…. Ten or twelve bucks, then, is what 113 points would add up to? Do you think it's worth the effort? Especially since, as you say, you have to schlep to the bank to deposit these dinky checks.

    As little as AdSense pays, it does cover the cost of server space (and then some), and it requires little or no effort on my part.

    A friend invited me to some sort of opinion focus session the other day; members to be paid $75 to hold forth, on camera, for a half hour or so. Not only that, but they're giving us free wine and food (to loosen our tongues??). I think the sponsor may be her employer — she's in corporate communications. But if not, I'll try to find out who's doing these things and if there's some way to proactively get on their list. If anything comes of that, will post on it.

  2. Even though it's only small potatoes, I find that I'm doing the surveys with time that I'd typically be doing nothing productive, so it's worth it to me. For non-urgent business, my wife or I will usually stop at the bank during trips where we happen to be passing by the branch anyways. It isn't the biggest moneymaker, but it will certainly be a few extra bucks.

    I haven't yet hit $100 in Adsense so that isn't yet a moneymaker for me.

  3. Especially when you enjoy doing Surveys or enjoy participating in Focus Groups I do think that your efforts might give you some 'fruits'.
    (possibly also other things than money, like for example samples, interesting knowledge etc. etc.)

    Only as a real source of income….?

    Personally I wonder if it's a great way to actually make real money or you probably will have to sign up for a lot of such companies to be able to have a steady stream of suitable survey's to be able to participate in. (I do think that those things will take a lot of time.)

    So that brings me on the subject of the concept of 'Trading Hours for Dollars', I do think that surveys are usally based on that concept while when you have build up your own Online Business, (BTW it goes without saying that it will also take time) only once you have it up and running you might not need to be working with a dependancy on 'Trading Hours for Dollars' anymore.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Home Business – Inspiration,

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