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Introduction to T-Mobile

T-Mobile Phone Plan Review

T-Mobile is one of the largest international mobile telecommunication companies that provides serve to millions of users every single day. There are dozens of unique cell phone plans provided to customers, including plans with wide coverage maps and cloud storage space for their files.

Several of T-Mobile's top plans will be featured in this post, so that you can see various perspectives and comparisons on what T-Mobile provides to its users when compared to rival offers. The good news is that there is a wide variety of plans that can be selected, including unlimited data plans, family plans, bundles, and pay as you go.

This post will also evaluate some of the unique features that you might be eligible for when purchasing some of these mobile plans from T-Mobile. This review will also attempt to answer frequently asked questions that new customers may have. The next section will be designated to unlimited mobile data plans, the most popular plan that customers are likely looking for right now.

T-Mobile Phone Plan Review

T-Mobile Unlimited Plans

Essentials Plan

T-Mobile has introduced their three main plans for unlimited talk and text. The cheapest of those options is the essentials plan that allows users to utilize up to four different phone lines for $30 per line.

The essentials plan supports unlimited talk and text, including smartphone data. There are free bonus offers that pop up weekly with this offer. This plan also supports standard definition live streaming and can serve as a 3G Mobile Hot Spot. If you travel to Mexico or Canada, you are also capable of utilizing 2G data.

Magenta Plan

The magenta plan has everything that the essentials plan has, except it also includes 3 GB of 4G LTE mobile hot spot data. It also supports 4G data in Canada and Mexico instead of 2G data. As an added bonus, users are eligible for a free membership of Netflix when purchasing the magenta plan with T-Mobile. Users can also take advantage of one hour of in-flight WiFi.

Magenta Plus Plan

The final unlimited plan is the premium offer that includes all of the features in the previous two offers and a little bit extra as well. A Netflix membership, Unlimited in-flight WiFi, and 20GB of 4G LTE mobile hot spot data are the headlining features that make this one of the most appealing offers to customers. This data plan also supports up to four different lines, which could potentially make it a great choice for a large family.

T-Mobile Senior Plans

Magenta Unlimited 55+ Plan

An impressive collection of senior plans have been presented for customers over the age of 55. These plans are affordable and support up to two different lines at a time. This plan includes unlimited talk and text and supports 3 GB of 4G LTE data in the United States and 5 GB of 4G data in Canada or Mexico.

Seniors can take advantage of this deal for just $35 dollars per line, for a maximum of two lines per plan. As an added bonus, this plan also supports up to one hour of in-flight WiFi.

Magenta Plus Unlimited 55+ Plan

This is a slightly enhanced plan with a few extra features and bonus offers presented by T-Mobile. Users can stream in high definition 1080p, instead of lower quality standard definition. Users can also expect to achieve twice as fast data speeds and six times as much 4G LTE data.

Instead of just one hour of in-flight WiFi, users will be granted access to unlimited in-flight WiFi usage. A complimentary Netflix membership is provided by T-Mobile for purchasing and renewing this plan monthly. These are just a few of the added perks that comes along with this impressive senior mobile data plan.

T-Mobile Phone Plan Review

T-Mobile Pay As You Go Plan

This plan is best for someone who might not use a whole lot of data, and would rather pay for their minutes and texts individually. It is certainly a rare plan and very few customers ultimately decide to select this plan, but it can be cost effective if you are careful with how you use your data, text messages, and minutes. A minimum payment is still required for servicing this plan at the completion of each month.

Short term data plans can be purchased along with this offer, for customers who might desire data for seven days or one month individually. It is important to note that none of the previous perks are included with this plan. That means no free Netflix membership, no in-flight WiFi, no foreign data plans, and no live streaming.

T-Mobile Comparison to Rivals

It has always been a competitive market between Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Customers have been witnessing competitive commercial face-offs and advertising campaigns to try and out-prove services to users. Ultimately, all of these service plans are very similar, but there can be some preferences involved that might effect your purchase decisions.

It is a common consensus that T-Mobile and Sprint are the two best value services among the major telecommunication networks offering plans to customers. This means that AT&T and Verizon are slightly higher in price, but also offer a few additional features.

The problem is that many customers do not desire these features, and some might not even know that they exist. For example, Verizon offers the Verizon Cloud to customers with cloud storage space and occasional travel passes. This might sound appealing, but are customers really willing to pay an extra premium for these minor benefits?

If you are a senior citizen or military member, you might be more interested in T-Mobile because of the senior and military discounts that are offered. If you are looking for premium features and are willing to pay a little bit extra every month, you might want to look elsewhere at an alternative service.

LTE Coverage Maps Comparison

When it comes to LTE coverage maps in 2019, T-Mobile and Verizon are by far the front runners in this department. It is quite clear that AT&T and Sprint are lagging somewhat behind in covering all areas of the United States.

This has been an ongoing battle for a very long time, but ultimately it appears that each major telecommunication service has its own agenda for expanding its region of support for customers. Expansion has been extremely difficult in some areas for Sprint, but if you live in a metropolitan area or highly populated city, it is likely that you will have service from all four of the major services.

The country-side is where it can be quite noticeably different for AT&T and Sprint, where LTE data is clearly lagging behind the two front runners. T-Mobile has a free comparison map on the home page of their website for users to check out and compare the various regions of coverage.

T-Mobile Phone Plan Review

T-Mobile's 5G Vision for Future Data Plans

One of the navigation bar links on the T-Mobile home page is dubbed ‘5G Vision.' This is an imaginary plan that reinvents the way that mobile services are presented to customers. The 5G era is fast approaching, and T-Mobile has suggested that it will be the only company that is able to successfully innovate their technology to support a national network that can update in real-time and transition customers into the digital era.

The goal is to have a reinvented network developed and ready to launch by the year of 2024. This means that the national network capacity for T-Mobile will be several times larger than the networks that are used today with 4G. The 5G Vision will have the ability to transition American customers into a completely redefining era with more control digitally than ever before.

T-Mobile is already asking customers to visit this page on their website to discover this future network vision. No other company as expressed this type of vision with in-depth details and specifications of how it will work. This is what makes T-Mobile a shining light that will lead customers into the future.

They have fantastic new data plans that are appealing to everyone, including senior citizens and military families. They are currently preparing a seamless transition to the future through their highly anticipated 5G Vision. It is also quite clear that they are a dominating front runner within the industry right now, proving to have an outstanding LTE coverage map when compared to their rivals.

If you are looking for high quality cell phone data plans right now, with a seamless transition into the 5G future, coming within the next decade… Then you will likely want to sign up with T-Mobile and try their services for yourself!


General T-Mobile Phone Plan Questions

This section covers general questions about T-Mobile phone plans.

Does T-Mobile have unlimited data?

Yes – all of T-Mobile’s plans have unlimited data under the new T-Mobile One plan that the company launched in 2016.

Is T-Mobile better than Verizon?

That depends on what you’re looking for – both companies offer excellent deals on phones and plans. Your best bet is to see which company has the best coverage in your area to make a decision.

How to switch to T-Mobile?

It’s easy to switch to T-Mobile – you just need to go into a store or log on to their website and fill out some basic information to get started.

Is T-Mobile better than AT&T?

That depends on what you want out of your phone plan. T-Mobile generally has the cheapest cell phone plans, while AT&T plans might offer more features.

Should I switch to T-Mobile?

Possibly – you should at least look into their phone plans and see if you can save money compared to your current plan.

T-Mobile Phone Plan Account Services

We’ll answer your most common T-Mobile phone plan account questions in this section.

How to activate T-Mobile sim card?

You can activate a T-Mobile sim card by inserting the card and then going to the T-Mobile SIM website. This will let you activate your card.

Does T-Mobile buy out contracts?

Yes, T-Mobile will pay any Early Termination Fees that your current contract has so you can switch to their network and services.

How to pay T-Mobile bill?

The two best ways to pay your T-Mobile bill are to log on to your account online and select the option to Pay My Bill or to go to a T-Mobile store and pay your bill in person.

Does T-Mobile charge for hotspot?

Yes they do. You can get 5GB of hotspot usage for $30 per month with the T-Mobile plan. We reviewed the cheapest mobile hotspot in another more in depth article.

How to cancel T-Mobile service?

The only ways to cancel your T-Mobile service is by calling 1-877-453-1304 or by going to an in-person store.

What does T-Mobile insurance cover?

T-Mobile’s insurance plan covers cracked screens, accidental physical damage, and accidental liquid damage.

Does personal hotspot cost money T-Mobile?

You’ll need to add hotspot services to your T-Mobile account to use them. These cost $30 per month for 5GB of data.

How to change my T-Mobile number?

You need to visit a T-Mobile store or call their customer service line at 1-877-746-0909 to change your phone number. There will be a $15 fee for most customers.

How to check T-Mobile balance?

You can check your T-Mobile balance by logging into your account online or by visiting one of their many stores in person.

Can T-Mobile locate a lost phone?

You can get your lost phone tracked if you registered the tracking software on the phone when you got it from T-Mobile.

Can I use a straight talk phone on T-Mobile?

In most cases, yes. T-Mobile and Straight Talk both use GSM networks, so they should be compatible.

How to track a T-Mobile phone?

The only way to track a T-Mobile phone is using apps installed on the phone. You need to register these apps to enable tracking.

Does T-Mobile charge for roaming?

T-Mobile doesn’t have any roaming charges so long as you’re in the US, Mexico, or Canada while using your phone.

Does T-Mobile have unlimited hotspot?

Yes, you can get unlimited hotspot data with T-Mobile. However, only the first 5GB of data comes at 4G LTE speeds.

Does T-Mobile insurance cover cracked screens?

In most cases, yes. You’ll need to explain your situation to the representative, including how your phone screen became cracked to get coverage.

How to view text messages on my T-Mobile account?

You aren’t able to view text messages through your T-Mobile account. You need the phone that the messages were sent to.

Can I buy a phone from T-Mobile without plan?

Yes, T-Mobile will sell you a phone without a plan. However, without a plan you’ll be paying full price for the phone.

Does T-Mobile have contract plans?

T-Mobile has two options for plans. You can get a pay in advance plan without a contract or you can get a standard contract plan.

Does T-Mobile have prepaid phones?

Yes, T-Mobile offers grab and go prepaid phones for their customers. You can get these at any T-Mobile location. Some people use prepaid unlimited data with some carriers.

Does T-Mobile take PayPal payments?

Not at this time. You’ll need to transfer PayPal funds to your bank account to pay your T-Mobile bill.

T-Mobile Phones and Tech

This section covers the most common questions that people have about T-Mobile phones and technology.

Can I use a Verizon phone with T-Mobile?

No. Verizon is a CDMA carrier, which uses different technology than T-Mobile, which uses a GSM network.

What towers does T-Mobile use?

T-Mobile has their own towers. When their towers are out of range, they will use any GSM towers in the area.

How much is a T-Mobile sim card?

Depending on the kind of SIM card you need, you can get a T-Mobile SIM for between $5 and $20.

What network does T-Mobile use?

T-Mobile has its own network. This network uses GSM technologies and is compatible with any other GSM networks.

Can I use a MetroPCS phone with T-Mobile?

You can use a Metro PCS phone with T-Mobile if the phone has been unlocked, as they are both GSM networks.

Can you use an AT&T phone with T-Mobile?

You can use an AT&T phone with T-Mobile if the phone has been unlocked. AT&T and T-Mobile both use GSM cellular networks.

Does T-Mobile sell Apple Watch?

Yes, you can order an Apple Watch from T-Mobile or get one from their stores in person.

What bands does T-Mobile use?

T-Mobile uses the 4G LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, and 71.

Is T-Mobile a GSM carrier?

Yes, T-Mobile uses GSM cellular network technology, making their phone compatible with other GSM networks.

Does T-Mobile use sim cards?

Yes, T-Mobile is a GSM network, which means it uses SIM cards to facilitate data services.

What phones are compatible with T-Mobile?

Any unlocked GSM phone is compatible with T-Mobile. You can also use phones that are locked to T-Mobile’s network.

Does T-Mobile lock their phones?

Yes, the phones that T-Mobile sells are locked to their network. However, they can usually be unlocked to work on any GSM network.

How to check T-Mobile bill?

There are a few ways to check your T-Mobile bill. You can log on to your account online, go to a T-Mobile store, or call 1-877-746-0909.

Can I use a Boost Mobile phone on T-Mobile?

In some cases. You’ll need to make sure your phone is unlocked and runs on the same network frequencies as the T-Mobile network.

Does T-Mobile sell air pods in store?

T-Mobile does sell AirPods in their stores. However, supplies are limited so any given store could be out of stock.

Does T-Mobile have 3g for iPhone?

Yes, you can get the latest network for your iPhone with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile in Other Countries

We’ll answer the most popular questions about using T-Mobile in other countries in this section.

Does T-Mobile have international calling?

Many T-Mobile plans include international calling at no extra charge. Other plans will cost you $0.25 per minute for international calls.

Does T-Mobile work in Mexico?

Yes. You can use your T-Mobile phone in Mexico without incurring any roaming charges.

Does T-Mobile work in Canada?

Yes. T-Mobile coverage extends to Canada and you won’t have any roaming fees for using your phone there.

Does T-Mobile work in Cuba?

T-Mobile phones work in Cuba, but you’ll have roaming expenses of $2 per minute and $0.50 to send text messages.

Does T-Mobile work in Bahamas?

T-Mobile phones do work in the Bahamas, but you might incur roaming fees depending on your specific T-Mobile plan.

Does T-Mobile work in China?

Yes, T-Mobile phones work in China. However, you should check your specific plan so as to be aware of any roaming charges you might face.

Does T-Mobile work in Europe?

Yes, T-Mobile is a GSM network phone. That means it will work in Europe. Roaming charges may apply depending on your plan.

Does T-Mobile work in Japan?

Yes, you can use your T-Mobile phone in Japan. However, you should be aware of possible roaming charges depending on your plan.

Does T-Mobile work in Puerto Ricco?

Yes, T-Mobile works in Puerto Ricco. You won’t face any roaming charges for using your phone while you’re there.

Other T-Mobile Phone Plan Questions

This section covers questions that don’t fit into our other categories. Check here if you can’t find your question elsewhere.

Is Netflix free with T-Mobile?

Not anymore. You’ll now need to pay $2 per month extra to get Netflix through T-Mobile.

Can you trade in a cracked phone to T-Mobile?

In some cases, yes. It depends on what kind of phone you have and how bad the damage is. The phone needs to be working to get trade-in credit.

Does T-Mobile have Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, T-Mobile plans have Wi-Fi calling. That makes all text and phone calls free while you’re connected.

Does T-Mobile insurance cover water damage?

In most cases, yes. It depends how your phone incurred the water damage, but your insurance will most likely cover you.

How do I pay my T-Mobile bill online?

The best way to pay your T-Mobile bill online is to log into your account and select the option to “Pay My Bill”.

How to get Netflix for free with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile no longer offers free Netflix when you get a phone plan with them. Netflix will cost an additional $2 per month. Also check out Hulu subscription plans to compare.

Does T-Mobile have home internet?

They do, but the program is very new, so there’s an extremely limited availability for the services. There are plenty of internet only providers that you can sign up with at an affordable cost.

Does T-Mobile have military discount?

T-Mobile does have a military discount. You can get up to 50% off your bill when you verify your active duty or veteran status.

How long does T-Mobile take to process an order?

That depends on your specific order and shipping selections. You can contact T-Mobile for more information about your specific order.

Can I use a T-Mobile phone on Cricket?

You can use a T-Mobile phone on Cricket if the phone is unlocked, as they are both GSM carriers.