How To Sell Printer Ink (And How Not To)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my Epson printer got put firmly in the crosshairs of my annoyance radar.  Even though the black ink cartridge had remaining ink, the printer refused to print anything when another cartridge (cyan?) ran out of ink.  I was horribly annoyed by this and started looking into alternatives, vowing never to give Epson another nickel of my printing business.  I even looked at the idea of buying a replacement printer.

After looking around, I decided that the best course of action is to simply replace the cartridges.  New printers are pretty expensive (to get a good quality one) or very low quality, something I’m trying to get away from.  Plus, I don’t buy manufacturer cartridges, I buy generic.  So, when I decided to get new cartridges, technically I am not giving any business to Epson.

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