I Could Never Work In The Airline Industry

There’s one reason that I could never, ever work in the airline industry: Because I could never knowingly provide horrible customer service.  Look at the MSNBC / NYT article ‘Airline Fees That Test Travelers’ Limits‘ and just look at some of the ridiculous things that airlines get away with nowadays.

  • Charging for checked luggage
  • Charging for carry-on luggage
  • Outrageous change fees (up to $150 or more for re-scheduling a flight)
  • Charges to ride standby.  That’s right, the plane has room but you’re still going to pay $50 or more to catch that earlier flight if some airlines have anything to say about it.

 These and some of the other practices being put into place are obviously being instituted to raise revenues.  The revenue part makes sense.  Businesses are in it to make money.  But the part I have a problem with is that these things are being blatantly done at the expense of customer satisfaction, customer service, and really, the customer in general.  

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