Make Your Voice Heard

If you watch TV, you almost certainly know what Nielsen ratings are.  Long story short, they’re the numbers that drive whether or not your favorite (or least favorite) shows remain on the air.  The numbers aren’t perfect, but they are taken from a large enough sample of households that fairly accurate estimates can be taken.  These numbers not only impact whether a show stays on the air, but what type of commercials you’ll see and the like.

The Internet is just a powerful force these days as television, maybe even more so.  It stands to reason that there should be a standard way, along the line of Nielsen ratings, to measure traffic.

Turns out, there is!

It’s called the Alexa ranking system.  And you can be part of it by installing the Alexa Toolbar.

While it’s not perfect, the Alexa ranking system is a fairly accepted way of measuring and ranking the popularity of websites.  Sites of all sizes, genres, and age use the Alexa ranking system as a measure of how they’re doing on the Internet.

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