Amazon Is No Longer My Go To Store

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been nearly the frequent Amazon shopper that I used to be.

Back in my peak Amazon shopping, we bought things all the time.  When they first introduced the Amazon Mom program, we got diapers at a really cheap price, as well as Prime shipping benefits.

We bought pretty much everything we could through there.

Even before Prime, we were pretty regular shoppers.

Eventually, they cut back the diaper deal so that you had to get a paid Prime membership to get the best percentages off, and even then, the percentage off had been cut.

They also cut the percentage off on many other Subscribe & Save items that I had previously purchased (such as razors, soap, etc.)

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Making It In Diapers Without Amazon

We were big fans of the Amazon Mom program when it first came out.  When it first debuted, you got 30% off diapers and free shipping, plus a year of Prime benefits.

It was pure awesome.

I kind of figured that it might be too good to be true, and sure enough, it was.  They cut the discount from 30% to 20%, then they rolled out the kicker: To get that, you had to pay $79 in Amazon Prime membership.  If you didn’t subscribe to Prime, you got a measly 5%.

We went back and forth on whether to subscribe or not.  It was really nice getting anything we ordered in two days, and the diaper discounts were nice.

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Amazon Mishandles A Necessary Change to Amazon Mom

I’ve written before about the Amazon Mom program.  When it first came out, the deals were too good to be true.  They basically gave a free year of Prime shipping benefits, plus 30% just about any baby item, namely diapers.  As soon as the program came out and I found out about it, I signed up, and we’ve saved plenty in the meantime.

It was such a good deal that I figured it would really have to pay off big for Amazon, otherwise they’d probably scale it back or eliminate it.  I noticed the first signs a few months ago when some of the deliveries seemed to be taking place by non-traditional (read: cheaper) carriers.  Next, they cut the discount from 30% to 20% on items you weren’t already buying.

So, the e-mail I got last Thursday wasn’t really a big surprise:

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What’s The Latest With Amazon Mom?

It’s been a year since Amazon introduced their Amazon Mom program, where you got an extra 15% off baby items, including the biggest baby item expense of all: diapers!

I signed up a few weeks after the program was introduced and it has been an absolute lifesaver.  I’m curious, though, if anybody that signed up from the get-go knows what Amazon might be doing.

The initial sign-up granted you three months of the extra 15% off items in the subscribe-and-save program (which granted you 15% off to begin with, for a total of 30% off), as well as free Prime benefits so that you could enjoy free 2-day shipping on many items.   You could extend that for up to a full year by making regular purchases in the baby store.  This means that you could earn up to a full year of benefits.

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