Four Things I’ve Learned On My Fourth Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Beagle!

It was four years ago that we said “I do!” and began our lifetime journey together.  Since then, we’ve had two beautiful children, a boy who’s almost two and a half, and a girl who will be three months in another week!

Here are four key things I’ve learned in the four wonderful years we’ve been together:

  1. Don’t always act like you’re married.  What this one means is to be a couple, but not the ‘married couple’.  Every once in a while, we’ll drop the kids off with the grandparents and go out on a date, one like when we first started going out.  Just the two of us, dinner, shopping, walking around, whatever the case may be, a good date night now and then is critical.
  2. Stress can (and will) come from everywhere.  Every marriage sees arguments and such, and ours is no exception.  What I didn’t realize is that, while many of the things that cause disagreements are from things directly with my wife and I, many times they are caused by stressors outside of the house.  Extended family and their relationships or actions can put unwanted strain now and then.  I’ve also found that these problems can actually be more difficult, because they’re not so easily solved by talking and working it out.
  3. Kiss goodnight.  I get the best sleep and have the most peaceful dreams on nights where my wife and I end the day with a hug and kiss goodnight.  Little things like this are so easy to overlook, especially as routines take hold, but I can’t stress enough how important it is.
  4. The eyes have it.  Every so often, just look into each others eyes.  You don’t even need to say a word while doing it.  Most likely, you’ll be reminded of things that you can’t even put into words.  You can never do this often enough!

Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Beagle!  I love you!