Assign Tasks To One Person And One Person Only

I’ve learned quite a bit over my 15+ years in the workforce.  One of the things that I’ve learned is that the more people you assign tasks to, the less chance you have of the work actually getting done.  In fact, every person you add to task list will continue to decrease the chances of success.

It kind of seems like it would go the other way around, wouldn’t it?  Simple logic says that if you have something you need done, and you ask a group of people to do it, that you’re increasing the chances that someone has the knowledge, the ability, and the time.

While all that may be true, what it doesn’t address is that by asking multiple people to complete a task, you’re taking away accountability, and that is the key component that trumps any of the other variables I mentioned.

Simply put, if you assign a task to one person, you’re putting the accountability on that person.  If you assign it to a group, you’re putting the accountability on….nobody.

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