When You Don’t Get The Answer You Were Looking For

My wife asked me a question the other day that I really didn’t even have to think about before answering.  She asked if I’ve noticed a measurable decrease in our spending each month as a result of our daughter no longer being on baby formula.

Our daughter is eighteen months old, so she’s been off of formula for quite a while.  She now eats ‘people food’ and drinks milk.  She was on a more expensive formula than the standard formula, though not the ultra-expensive stuff.  Luckily for us, the type that she required did have a version available in Target’s Up & Up brand.

But, the answer to my wife’s question was a very quick “No”.

Mrs. Beagle became a little annoyed and even asked again, probably thinking that maybe I had misunderstood the question.  I hadn’t.  The answer was still no.

She didn’t understand and you could tell that it bothered her as she had obviously expected the answer to be no.

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Happy First Birthday To Our Little June Bug

A year ago, our little baby girl was born.  After she was delivered and moved over to the baby warmer, she started testing her little lungs.  And they worked great.

“Oh, that’s perfectly normal,” said the nurse.

After a few more minutes of frenzied screaming, she said, “Well, most of them stop by now.”

That’s when we knew we were in for it.

Many of the things that came easy with our first were not so much with her.

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