If You Hate Your Bank Then I Have Bad News For You

I read a lot of other personal finance blogs, as I think getting different voices, opinions and thoughts on various items is great.  I have quite a few (see my blog roll) that I love and others that I read in passing.  One topic I see time and again are posts that tie back to complaints about banks.

Bank of America seems to take the brunt of bloggers ire, but it seems like many banks catch the rancor.  The complaints seem to boil down to a few common themes:

  • High fees
  • Poor customer service
  • Complaints about banks having taken bailout money

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Way To Go, Fifth Third!

When my wife and I got married in 2007, she convinced me to make our primary banking institution Fifth Third.

Prior to that, I had used a credit union account that I had used for, well, ever.  My wife wanted to have branch access, something that the credit union really didn’t offer, and she had been a customer for years and was very happy.

I still have the credit union account, but we moved everything else to Fifth Third.

I have to say, it was good advice.

First, they haven’t yet nickel and dimed us on fees.  Far as I can tell, free checking still means free checking in their eyes.

Second, they still even have a rewards program.  I’ve heard that many banks are canceling rewards programs for debit card users, but Fifth Third even added some links to it from their Internet banking page.  The rewards aren’t great, but I sort of put that in the ‘anything is better than nothing’ category.

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