Why I Will Not Miss Blockbuster Video

If there was ever as stunning a fall for a retail giant as Blockbuster, I can’t recall.  At one time there was a store on every corner, it seemed like.

My first remembrance of a video store was not a Blockbuster.  My dad was always on the cutting edge of technology, and had one of the first VCRs ever made.  The thing was actually made of two pieces, and together had to weigh at least 50 pounds.  I’m pretty sure the remote control was attached via a wire.  (I do have to give my dad credit for picking the ‘right’ technology, as I’m reasonably sure there was still the VHS vs. BetaMax issue which had not fully resolved by that point).  Still, my dad joined a local store, though it was one of many that lasted but a few years following the later proliferation of Blockbuster and other chain video stores.

I was never a fan of Blockbuster for a variety of reasons.

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