Camping Misadventures 2012 Part 2

The first installment of Camping Misadventures saw me deal with a whole host of items which are probably new to someone dealing with a camper for the first time:  Hooking Up, Backing In, and selecting the proper campsite were the first orders of business.

As I suspected, there would be others.

And so we start the second installment of 2012 Camping Misadventures.


This one actually goes back to our first trip, but an experience which had slipped my mind.  For our first trip, we visited a campground that was only an hour or so away, so that I could get used to driving it and wouldn’t be far away if any issues happened.  This was a good idea, and it also allowed that our families could come visit, and that worked out really good since we went on Father’s Day weekend.  This let us celebrate together as well as let everybody see the new campers in action.

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