10 Money Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Help All Year

Spring is here.  That means it’s time to start cleaning.  Many people clean their house or their yard.  Even cleaning out the car feels great after a long winter.  It’s also a great time to give some attention to your money.  Last year I gave a few money spring cleaning tips.  Here are ten more that will help your finances for the rest of the year.


Where is your money? Make sure you know!


Update Your Budget Categories

Hopefully you have a budget in place.  If you don’t there are some great resources out there.  But if you do have a budget, it’s time to take a look at it.  You likely have budget categories in place.  Now is a great time to review them and make sure they’re still current.  Something that you spent money on in the past may no longer be applicable.  Conversely, you may have a recurring category that you need to add.  Now’s a great time to update all this.  Accurate information leads to better informed decisions.

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Are You Doing The Right Thing The Wrong Way?

For years, I’ve undertaken a strategy to make sure that I was getting enough water.

For years, I was doing it the wrong way.

At work, I have a cup that I keep at my desk that gets filled from a container that I keep in the fridge.  I like cold water, so I pour water from the container in the fridge into my cup, then fill the other container and allow it cool off.  Both containers held about 2.5 cups of water, so if I drank three containers worth per day, I was getting a good intake of water.

mb-201309waterThis seemed to be working, until one day I realized that I was going about the right idea (staying hydrated) the wrong way.

What was wrong?

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It’s OK If You Suck When Starting Your Budget

I have a cat that’s fifteen years old.  For roughly fourteen of those years, she was the model of perfect health.  But, as age catches up to us all, it caught up to her.  She has failing kidneys, which is pretty common with cats.  The vet advised that I begin giving her subcutaneous fluid injections, which is essentially giving her an injection of liquid under her skin.  This helps cats with her problems because the additional fluids in her system makes it a little easier on her kidneys while they do their thing.

The vet did the first injection and walked through the process step by step.  They made it look easy, but when I got home and started trying myself, the first few attempts were less than stellar.  Each time, the cat ended up with fluids, but getting there was often a bumpy road.  The IV lines and needles were a struggle to get together and set up properly.  A couple of times the needle went under her skin and then came back out, so when the fluids started going, they were merely getting her wet.  Some times the needle was in but the drip was so slow that I had to start over again.  She struggled to stay in one place, often wiggling away from the towel I had set her on.  The first few times saw a terrified, trembling mess….and the cat was usually in pretty bad shape too!

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