The Importance Of A Qualified Real Estate Agent

Our neighbors across the street are selling their house. I’m not sure what it is about this house, but nobody ever stays long. Actually, the sellers have probably been there the longest. It seems that whoever moves there gets taken away by a new job within a few years. Seeing the For Sale sign go up in their yard was bittersweet. While we aren’t close friends with them, they are good neighbors. Good neighbors are important. So is, as I’m sure they are learning, a good real estate agent.

for sale sign

My One And Only Real Estate Agent

I’ve owned two different houses in my life. For both of them, I used the same agent. His name was Pat. My condo was a bachelor pad that I purchased in 1999. I sold it in 2007 as we were getting married. Twelve years later, we’re still here.

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