A Rare Impulse Buy: I Ordered A Roku!

I recently wrote about how we’re looking into whether we can potentially cut cable TV this year.  In addition to doing research on what we can access and how we can access it in the event we ‘cut the cord’, one of the things I want to understand is the technology.

Well, you can only do so much reading about the devices, so it’s time to get hands on!  I have a few different updates, first tied into our ‘soon to arrive’ Roku.

Part I: Roku

Last week, there was a Woot Off, and I happened to log in when they were offering a Roku 3 for $65.  This is the current premium device, and it was selling for $65, a 35% discount from the $100 suggested price.

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Could We Cut Cable TV This Year?

I’ve seen a few blog posts and news stories written about people who cut their cable TV, and while it seems intriguing, it’s honestly not something I’ve really thought about.  But, I’ve started giving it more and more thought, and I decided that 2014 will be the year that I’ll at least look into it to see if it’s a possibility.

Our Cable TV Equipment

mb-201401cableWe have cable through Wide Open West (aka WOW).  They’ve been my carrier for over ten years, and provide cable and internet.  By and large, I’ve been pretty satisfied with their offerings and they have had customer service that I would rate way above average.

We currently have a whole house DVR system.  There is one box, called the gateway, which has six tuners so that we can record or watch up to six shows at a time. There are three media players which connect to each TV, and communicate back to the gateway for programming.

As mentioned, the system has a DVR system, so we use the system to record shows that we can play back later.

Is This Replaceable?  I understand that there are a number of devices, from TiVo or otherwise, that can be purchased to act as DVRs.

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