Time For A New Camera

Our digital camera is just over three years old.  I know this because we got it right before our wedding, which happened….just over three years ago 🙂

We get a lot of use out of our camera.  My wife loves taking pictures, so we had been discussing getting a new camera soon.

Soon came to mean now when we took our camera out at the zoo over the weekend and saw that something had hit the view screen as it was a spider web that no longer showed any images.  Yikes.

We aren’t sure what happened.  My wife carries it around in a padded area of her purse.

I was pleased to do some research and find a Slick Deals special on a newer, better version of our current camera.  It means that everything we have now is compatible with our new camera, plus we already know the ins and outs, as I think many of the features and operational functions remain the same.

One accessory we will be purchasing is a carrying case to better protect the camera.  The extra $8 should hopefully allow our new camera to last for more than three years, though who knows what technology will bring by then!