We Did It! We Bought A Camper!

Last month (I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already) I revealed that we were thinking about buying a camper.

I’m proud to say that we finally did!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because we basically got it and parked it for the winter, but I am sure that I’ll have lots of pictures to share once we start going on trips next year.

We had initially considered purchasing a pop-up camper simply because it looked like it would afford us a good camper at a good price.  One of those was definitely in our price range, but when we started thinking about it, we ended up going a different direction.

We ended up going with a travel trailer.  It’s a 23 foot Jayco Feather, from 2004.  The camper itself was in impeccible condition.  Everything looked new and the mechanics all seemed to be in order.  Jayco is built very sturdy so we had pretty much narrowed it down to wanting one of those.

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We’re Thinking About Buying A Camper!

We’ve been giving serious consideration into the idea of buying a camper.

My wife grew up going camping regularly.  I never experienced camping until she took me for the first time.  I really enjoyed it and we’ve since gone a number of times, both just the two of us and with Little Boy Beagle.  We didn’t make it out his past summer as Baby Girl Beagle was just too little.

Every time we’ve gone we have gone tent camping, but looking at making it a regular family experience, tents simply won’t do.  Which brings the idea of a camper into play.
the campfire wasn't only a nice attraction...

We’ve looked at the idea of renting, but we know we like camping, and so we’ve actually leaned more towards buying, as we would at least own the value of the camper versus paying someone else for something that we don’t have.

I was curious if any readers have had experiences when it comes to buying a camper.

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