Two Cats Is Plenty, Thank You

We have two cats and two cats is plenty for us, especially from a cost perspective.  They are both older cats, 16 and 12 respectively, and both have medical issues that require medication and food.  The 16 year old has been on her regiment for about 18 months, and the 12 year old has been on his for over two-thirds of his life.  So, they’re by no means in any jeopardy.

But, as I said, the medication and food is expensive.  So, two cats is just fine for both Mrs. Beagle and I, and I’m sure even the cats would agree that they’re fine with just each other.

There’s a third cat that is in disagreement with this, or so it would seem.

A few weeks ago, I was cutting the grass in the backyard, and was a little startled when I noticed an animal sitting watching me from the edge of the wooded area at the back of the property.  Turns out it was a cat.  As I moved toward the back of the yard with my mower, it eventually ran away.  I didn’t think anything of it until a couple of weeks later.

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