The Credit Cards Of The Rich And Famous

When it comes to money matters, being rich and famous definitely has its advantages. You can afford the best of everything, which is great.  On top of that, your credit card unlocks the door to even more privilege.  Many of us struggle to make ends meet.  However, the rich and famous do not need credit cards for bad credit when times get hard.

Additional Rewards

Royalty, celebrities and entrepreneurs are able to access a range of credit cards that provide many advantages.  These include additional rewards and bonuses far beyond money-off vouchers or discount deals.

These credit cards themselves are actually a status symbol.  One cannot simply apply for one as you would for any normal card.  These are not credit cards that are used to improve credit scores.

Instead, you are invited to join the club of exclusive credit card holders. The most rare and prestigious credit card is rumored to have only 100 holders.  That’s absolutely incredible.

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What’s With Deadbeat Celebrities?

Not that the upcoming Anita Baker CD was anywhere near being at the top of the list as far as music I might consider buying, but this story makes me want to boycott it anyways.  According to this article, Anita Baker hired a painting company to do a bunch of work on her home, to the tune of $15,000 and change, and promptly stiffed them.  Now, the painting company is taking her to court, but since she seems to have no money, good luck to them to see a nickel.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of celebrities with lots of money getting sued for services not paid.  Now, I’m sure that in some cases the celebrities have justification for not paying.  Maybe the companies or individuals are trying to milk them or over-charge them, but it seems like this is happening way too often to make me think that there isn’t something to this.

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