Why It’s Very Often Important To Follow A Routine

I wrote a few posts last year about various misadventures we had when it came to our new (to us) camper, and the first season of camping.

I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that we already had our first misadventure, and it was a full month before our first scheduled trip!  Yikes.

One of the things that I found is important with the camper is to follow my checklist.  I have a checklist that I created and modified which has a step-by-step walkthrough.  It’s on two sides of a piece of paper, one side for when we ‘arrive’ at a campsite and one for when we ‘leave’.  The list applies not just at campsites, but pretty much anywhere we would arrive or leave with the camper.

Including our driveway.

The checklist is great, and my mother-in-law printed it out for us with two sides, on a piece of bright yellow paper which she then laminated.  And gave me an extra copy, which has come in handy as I’ve misplaced a copy more than once (though the missing copy has always turned up).

At the end of April, we decided to pull it out from winter storage (next to my in-laws house), and take it to our house, where I then went through de-winterizing, washing, and waxing, while my wife cleaned the interior, the dishes, bedding, and all that.  It pretty much got us ready for our first trip.

When I brought it home, I got it backed into the driveway almost flawlessly.  Last years first attempt was quite lively, with me taking at least ten tries to get it into the driveway, cars in the vicinity, all while a special needs neighbor kid was having a meltdown on a nearby front yard.  This year, backing in was much less eventful and there were no complications, except for the fact that it was raining.

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