My New Happy Thing: To The Cloud!

I’ve started using the Amazon Cloud service for backing up critical files.

Amazon recently started offering up to 5GB of free space to store any types of files you want.  This is great for me.

I keep backups of various files, but through no particular system.  I have external drives that back up drives on the laptop and desktop computers we use.  I have other external drives that back up the original external drives.  I have drafts of e-mails with some things attached.  Everything important is backed up, yet I have no confidence in anything being backed up.

Now, Amazon cloud allows you to upload files.  They’ll keep them, they’ll back them up, they’ll let you download them or update them from any computer, just so long as you can use your Amazon account.

I think this would be great for keeping documents and spreadsheets (password protected, of course), images, etc.  You can even use it to back up music files through a related MP3 cloud service.  I haven’t gotten into that yet, but that could be cool, too.  I back up my blog regularly and now keep that on Amazon, as I’ve heard horror stories of accounts being yanked or hacks taking things down, and bloggers ending up with nothing.  That won’t be happening with me!

I had, in the past, attempted to back things up with Google Docs, but it frustrated me. Google Docs seemed to have problems simply storing certain spreadsheets.  My net worth and finance tracking spreadsheet has a lot of tabs and formulas and all that.  It works great in Excel, yet every time I attempted to use Google Docs, the upload would fail.  No matter what.

With Amazon Cloud, it worked like a breeze.  I think as long as you make sure to keep your own stuff secure, you should feel comfortable using it.  I wouldn’t keep financial files there without being password protected.  I would keep a separate password from other accounts than on your Amazon account, just so someone that comes across one of your passwords couldn’t go in and steal or delete all of your information.  Speaking of that, I wouldn’t make the cloud your only copy.  Use it strictly for backup purposes only.

Are you a cloud computing user yet?