Coffee’s Getting Expensive

I kept hearing about how coffee was one of the products that has been going up in price a bit, but I really noticed it recently.

I buy the coffee I make at home from Costco.  It’s their Colombian pre-ground version.  It’s a fairly large can and a much better deal than anything I can find at the store.  Plus, it’s good.

I only make it on the weekends and at home, so a can lasts me around four months.

Not bad.

The price for a can when I bought it in August 2010 was $9.99.  In December it was $10.99.  This last time, though, it was $13.99.

That means that it’s gone up 40% in less than a year.  I guess they were right!

Still, keeping things in perspective, that means that it costs me $3.50 per month for coffee (minus what I pay for half-and-half and the like).  I can’t really complain too much about that, because that wouldn’t get me coffee for more than a day or two if I were buying it at one of the specialty coffee shops.  Have they raised their prices too?

Is $18 Worth Being Less Aggravated?

My biggest pet peeve at work has to do with coffee.

I drink the coffee at work.  It’s not the best stuff in the world, but the ‘free’ stuff that the company provides isn’t too bad.  I bring my own half-and-half because I can’t stand the powdered creamer, so all in all it’s not bad.

But, my pet peeve surrounds some of the other people that also drink coffee.  In fact, if I had to guess, it’s probably one of the biggest sources of ire in today’s workplace.

It’s the person / people that takes the last bit of coffee and doesn’t bother making a new pot.

In our office, they’re even better about it.  They leave a little bit, maybe a half cup worth, at the bottom of the pot.  Apparently, they think that absolves them of their duties to make a new pot, and probably clears what little conscience they have (can you tell this bugs me? *lol*)

After walking in for the umpteenth time and seeing a shooter of coffee left in the pot, I finally decided it was time to take action.

After much looking around, here’s my current ‘plan’:

I’m typically the first one in the office most mornings.  Usually, I don’t make coffee right away, preferring to drink some water to get my day started.  After about half hour, I’ll desire coffee, and it’s probably 50-75% of the time that I make the first pot of the day.  No big deal.

I’m thinking that what I will do is make the first pot right away, and pour what I would want for the day into a handy-dandy thermos (which I’ve yet to acquire).  Since what I drink works out to slightly over half a pot, I’d probably brew an additional half-packet to create a new ‘full’ pot for the rest of the co-workers.  After all, I don’t want to make myself part of the problem.

This would give me my coffee for the day and would erase me from having to deal with the aggravation  of those who think making a fresh pot is ‘someone else’s responsibility’.

I’m a little leery about spending $18 (which is the cost of the thermos I want on Amazon), but in the end, isn’t that a small price to pay in doing my part to foster a productive office environment?