Being Mean Is OK, I Guess, According To AT&T

My least favorite ad on TV these days is an ad for AT&T advertising free mobile-to-mobile minutes with the purchase of a messaging and data plan.  Or something like that.

The commercial is basically a guy bursting in to tell his wife that he just signed up the entire family for unlimited minutes.

She replies, sarcastically, saying “Great, and how are we supposed to pay for that?” and proceeds to berate him for making such a costly decision without consulting her, ending her rant by basically saying that she never should have married him.

And this is supposed to make me want to buy AT&T products?!?

The rest of the commercial is the guy trying to defend himself by telling her that they were free, but at that point I don’t even remember the rest, because it’s so irritating and off-putting to me.

I don’t think every commercial should be filled with images of boats and friends and noodle salad, but do we really need to be shown the idea of spouses being spiteful and mean to one another as a message for selling cell phones?

Count me out.

What commercials get on your nerves?  

Footnote: My second least favorite these days is the Master Card ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ commercial where Ray Romano ‘surprises’ a customer using her Master Card, who is making a behind-the-scenes donation to cancer research with each card swipe.  I’m all about donating to cancer and trying to knock it out, so in their case, the message is perfect.   I just don’t like Ray Romano!  *lol*