Reduce Complexity And Add Value Instead

A group of family members recently went out for dinner.  We went to a local restaurant that we’ve frequented a few times because they have really good food and their prices are reasonable, with most items on the menu between $8 – $12 ranging from burgers to an entree.  Under the entree list, there’s a note indicating that you can add a dinner salad for $1.49.  This is pretty reasonable considering the salad is very good and many places nowadays charge double or triple that.

My mother-in-law ordered something off the list of daily specials and she asked for a salad.  Her meal and the rest of ours were very good, as expected, but we were surprised when the bill came and her salad was listed at $2.99.  We pointed it out to the waitress.  She took the bill and when she came back, we expected it to be corrected, but instead she said: “$2.99 is the right price.  The $1.49 price is for entrees and specials are not considered entrees.  So, you have to pay for the regular price of the dinner salad.”

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