The First Chink In The Armor

I’ve always been somewhat of a tech geek, though you wouldn’t know it from the stuff I have in my house.  I’ve always loved following the latest trends in PCs, TVs, DVDs and blu-ray players and the like.  But, you don’t find my house littered with too much, mostly because I normally can’t justify spending the money on it.

The main PC I use is over five years old.  It was pretty top-of-the-line when I bought it, and I’ve upgraded the hard drive and memory, so it has actually held up pretty well.

Same with TVs.  We did upgrade two TVs in our house to flat screens, but they’re both pretty reasonable, one being a 19″ kitchen TV and the other being a 32″ TV in our bedroom.  Other TVs are still the plain, old tube televisions.

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