Would You Buy Contact Lenses Online?

Many things have become more affordable to purchase online than with traditional “brick-and-mortar” retail outlets.

Books, music, televisions, and many other electronics or items related to electronics are now routinely purchased online.  The biggest explanation is that online outlets can offer these items at a lower price because they don’t have the overhead of having to operate retail space which to display and store those items, which is a lot more expensive than just the warehouse space that they’d need.

So far the model has worked for many types of products.  As it turns out, prescription eyewear, notably contact lenses, can be purchased online at a significant savings versus purchasing them through your eye care professional.

Many companiesmake it easy these days.  If you have a prescription, they will accept the prescription (you can mail it in or have your doctors office fax it in) and they will process the prescription.  Wait a few days in the mail and you’ll have the exact same contact lenses that you would have gotten had you picked them up in person.

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