Spending A Little More On Coffee

In March, I got assigned to a temporary assignment at work.  Instead of working at my office, which is only two and a half miles from my home, I was doing site assessments all over the Metro Detroit area.  It was good work, it was on a high visibility project,  and it let me see up front what we actually do, versus the back-end support we provide in the office, so it was a pretty positive experience.

One of the things I had to adjust was my morning coffee.  My standard routine at the office was that I would drink from the ‘free coffee’ provided, but would add in my own half-and-half.  When I started the assignment, I started making my own coffee at home to take with me every morning.  Typically I would only make coffee at home on the weekends or on days when I’m off.  I buy pre-ground Colombian Coffee from Costco.  It’s $15 for a really big can.  It would typically last about four months, meaning I would spend about $45 per year on coffee.

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