No More Cyberhomes Values

I have always used a blend of values in calculating our approximate home value for the purposes of net worth considerations.

One of the factors I had been using was the Cyberhomes website.  However, the past couple of months I noticed that the values weren’t changing, and then were not available at all.

It turns out that Cyberhomes has shifted away from providing this service and, from what I can tell, is catering towards providing information for realtors.

This kind of sucks, as I had thought Zillow plus Cyberhomes provided a decent balance of information as a starting point for approximating our value.

Are there any other services out there that provide this information other than Zillow (and are free) that any of you have used?

Was I late in the game in realizing that Cyberhomes basically ‘went away’?

It just goes to show that there’s one thing that never changes, and that’s that things change all the time!