Taking A Day To Clean Out The Garage

Our garage had gotten, in a word, crazy.  We have a three car garage.  With two cars, this leaves one empty area for the rest of our ‘stuff’.

Unfortunately, this area had turned into a big mess.  Bikes, kid toys, the lawn mower, other lawn stuff, and a multitude of other items had turned the third garage bay into a nightmare.  It was impossible to get anything out without having to take something out first.  We actually got to the point where we avoided taking bike rides or having the kids play with the stuff stored there, simply because it was too hard to do anything there.

In addition, the ‘flow’ of other stuff just didn’t make sense.  We had shelving units in a couple of different spots, in addition to some permanent wall shelving, but on each shelf area there was a mixture of different things.  Kids toys (bubbles, playground chalk, balls, etc.) were on three different shelving areas.  Also, gardening stuff, fertilizers, random garage stuff, it was everywhere.

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