Dilbert Is Getting Smaller In 2011!

Dilbert is getting smaller in 2011.  And, no, that’s not a weight loss resolution!

We went calendar shopping last week.  Usually we get them on New Year’s Eve but this year we didn’t make it to the mall, as has sort of been our tradition, so we waited a year.

My personal favorite is a Dilbert desk calendar.  I use it at work for keeping track of the days and more importantly, to laugh.

I immediately noticed, as I caught up on the nine days worth that I’d missed, that there was no longer a page for Sunday.  Instead, there was a combined cartoon for Sat/Sun.

I guess they probably realized that a majority of people who use the calendar use it at their work desk, in which case a seventh day wouldn’t really be missed.

I’m not all that bothered about it since the Sunday ones were the ones I typically had seen anyways.  See, the desk calendar is simply a re-print of comic strips published in the newspapers from a couple years prior.  We get the Sunday paper, so I always read the Sunday strip.  The strip that the desk calendar cut out was the Sunday re-print.  So, technically I’m not really seeing any less comic strips.

I can bet that even though they are reducing the size of the calendar by 1/7th, the price didn’t go down at all!

I guess everybody is on a slow carb diet or something in 2011, Dilbert included!