Review Of Our New Bosch Dishwasher

It’s been a little over a month since we had our new Bosch dishwasher installed, so I mb-201401dishes500thought I’d give a review of how it has gone and what we think so far.  We had it replaced after the old one sprung a second leak.  For the record, we purchased the model SHX3AR75UC.  It was one of the highest rated dishwashers on Consumer Reports and received a ‘Best Buy’ recommendation.


I looked around and ended up purchasing the dishwasher at Sears.  I actually ordered it online.  At the time, we were able to purchase installation and delivery.  I purchased it on a day when Sears was offering a discount of 10% on all appliances, plus I was able to use a $50 off code that I found.  The dishwasher retails for $799.99, and our total bill was $784.91, which I thought was a good deal considering that price included delivery, installation, new hoses, and sales tax.  Sears used to be the top destination for appliance shopping, and though they’ve taken some steps back here, I was very satisfied with the purchasing experience.

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We Ordered A New Dishwasher Two Years After It Sprung A Leak

I wrote a post in January 2012 titled “We Need A New Dishwasher.”

I just ordered it yesterday!

In the referenced post, I noted that I had discovered a small leak under the dishwasher, thanks to a water sensor that I had placed there.  When I first discovered the leak, I figured that was it, that it needed to be replaced.

Then, I got to thinking about it, and decided to do a little investigating.  The water spot on the floor was pretty small, so I thought that I’d take a better look and see just how it was leaking.  I improvised, and found the lid to one of the storage totes that everybody has these days, and was able to slide it under the dishwasher.  I then ran a cycle and was able to observe that it did leak, but only a few drops during each time the machine was adding water.  All told, it probably leaked a grand total of a quarter cup of water.

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