Aretha Franklin’s Estate Is A Mess & Nobody Is Surprised

Aretha Franklin was a local legend around these parts.  Raised in Detroit, she became famous and was one of the most famous and influential singers of her time.  Her records sold millions, and she was popular from the 1960’s all the way through her death in 2018.  Her impact on the music industry is without question.  However, following her death, details on Aretha Franklin’s estate started to come out.  And, boy, it was a mess.  That’s about the only way to describe it.

Unfortunately, that would come as no surprise to those that knew or followed her.

Aretha Franklin’s estate will be like a complicated maze with many questions.

A History Of Money Related Lawsuits

One of the things that often came out about Aretha is that she was usually involved in some sort of legal turmoil.  As can be reasonably expected with someone of her celebrity and wealth, a lot of the turmoil centered around money.  As far back as 1999, she was reported to have a history of not paying her bills.  Even more recently, she was sued for not paying association fees for a condo she owned.  Any condo owner usually considers this a fairly simple task.

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